The Real Secret How To Promote NFT Collection

Written by Neil Reily
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… and make a lot of money! Or not? 

We all know NFTs are cool, fancy and can make you a lot of money. That’s true for project owners as well as traders. 

But what is the best way for NFT collections to promote their NFT collection? Because one thing is for sure: You can have the best collection out there. If no one sees it – you won’t be successful. 

Enough blabla – here comes our best tips for all NFT collections out there on how to promote NFT collection. 

Is it necessary to promote your NFT Collection? 

We give that question a strong yes! Becoming successful in a world with more than 10.000 NFT Collections right now (and counting) – people are not waiting for your project. 

In fact, buying power is declining since the all-time highs. Although it is slightly getting back and rises in 2023.

You have to be recognized to gain attention and eyeballs on your project. And not only once. Best is to have at least 3 touchepoints with your future fans, so they can remember you. 

But how can I achieve that? Well first of all:

Your Project needs to be a solid 10/10! 

Let’s face the truth. If your project is common and more or less comparable to other projects, you have lost already. 

All the tips and tricks we will give you in the following of this article are useless if the base (your project) is not a 10/10 – we talk real fire!🔥  A damn banger!! Just like a crispy chicken you can’t get enough of… I think you got it. 

How you do that? We have a shorter blogpost about that here: 3 Tips To Sell Out Your Project

But to summarize it: 

  • Create new Art, something that people have never seen before 
  • Use Utility that bring a real value to the holder of the NFT 
  • Create a community around a real world asset, meetup, club, lifestyle, service etc. 
  • Convict your fans on every level, that you are a serious project, your website, twitter etc. need to be on point 

With that being created – you can now push your project in the wide world of web 3 and start promoting it!

Let’s got! 

FREE Ways to Promote your NFT Collection. 

Yep, free! There are free ways we will cover, that bring your project to life! Although freeways require significant effort on your part, they are no less effective or important than paid methods.

1. Go local! 

Of course we talk about web3 and digital pixels on the blockchain and all that wild stuff. But have you ever thought about going (back) in the real world, talking to people and promoting your stuff? 

I know… sound ridicules, but it works! 

There are plenty of meetups, community parties and events you can participate and promote your project. 

You can simply talk to other people or even have a little booth. 

Never underestimate the power a simple talk to another person with the same interest can have. You can both leverage your connections, and someone always knows someone – if it’s an investor, a buyer or simply someone that boosts your project. 

So go out there in the ‘old’ and boring world and talk about what you do. 

2. Using Social Media

Okay, well. That one was obvious right? Yeah okay – a bit. BUT! Social media is still going strong! – In case you do it right! 

How you do it right? Well, maybe we give you some tips on how NOT to do it. 

  • Do not buy followers!
  • Do not manipulate the algorithm (I know, too tempting)!
  • Do not post boring stuff!
  • Do not be fake!

It sounds simple – but still many people out there think they need to have 1000 followers withing 3 days, by simply buying them. Or tell people the same blabla shit every tweet. 

Just be you! And as old Gary Vee always likes to say: ‘don’t create, document!’

Simply document your whole process, instead of thinking 8765 hours a week in how to get that one tweet that will explode and reach millions of people. 

Hard work pays off. 

3. Collaborate with Influencers from other projects.

You can boost your visibility by collaborating with influencers (the cool ones) in the NFT community or other projects. Since most NFT projects have their own Discord server and/or Telegram group, consider joining these groups and discussing potential collaboration opportunities with members.

Same as the real life meetup thing: You will be shocked how many people want to help you for no kickback, and how many people know other important people! 

4. List your project on 

Yes, that’s right. That’s us! AND it is free. Whaat? 

We get that a lot. ‘Oh, you are a free service???’ Yes, we are free! In most of our service (laugh) 

No but serious – you can submit your project for absolute free here:

And you will get listed on our NFT Calendar page within 2-4 days. 

Bildschirmfoto 2023 03 13 um 20.30.29

We have more than 30.000 users each month that use to inform themselves about the newest and best NFT projects out there. Show yours as well! 

PS: If you are a real serious project, use our Premium Submission. You will get way more views, a approval within 8 hours, a free Twitter shoutout and much more. It’s worth it!

5. Giveaways

When you offer giveaways that require certain conditions to be met, you can expand your fanbase and attract more people to discover your NFT Collection. You can give away your own NFTs as airdrops, which is basically free for you. 

By distributing these NFTs as airdrops, you can generate interest in your collection and motivate more people to learn about you. And coming back to the 3. Point on our list – you can even use other community’s and NFT collections to give away their stuff (if they agree on that). 

Giveaways can be really powerful – use them wisely! 

These free methods of promoting your NFT Collection work best when done repetitive and all together. But even better if you pair them with paid ways to promote your collection. 

Now it gets super powerful!

Paid ways to promote your NFT Collection. Or other words: Boost the f****** rocket!!

1. Ads Ads Ads! 

We have 2023, there are a good amount of social networks and advertising giants you can use. Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook etc. All these networks allow you to pay for eyeballs. 

It works – but you have to get the targeting and offering right. We all know boring ads on these platforms. And most of them we won’t even click or watch. So be creative and have a look at bigger projects that get their marketing right. 

But before you consider advertising on these large platforms, think about smaller, cheaper and more specific platforms, that allow you create ads. 

For example, we have more than 30.000 visitors per month, who are looking for interesting NFT projects. So, if you place your NFT on our site – the possibility that your project matches the interest of the visitors is at probably 99%. 

Wouldn’t it be clever to push it even more with ads? Of course – that’s why we are always happy to give projects we like even more attention with our ads. 

If you want to push your project as well, have a look at our Promotion Page and book the ad that suits your project the best. 

Bildschirmfoto 2023 03 13 um 20.32.00
2. Paid Shoutouts

As we already covered in the free section with the collaborations, you can also buy shoutouts and collaborations. In fact, if you ask people for a free collaboration, they often give you a paid offer. 

Don’t let that put you off. If someone has a good audience – a paid shoutout can be really valuable. 

If you book a Premium Submission on our calendar, to promote your NFT collection, you get a Twitter shoutout from us for free. 

3. PR Articles and Interviews 

Just like influencer marketing, you can leverage NFT blogs, websites, podcasts, or YouTube channels to showcase your NFT project and highlight its distinctiveness through an exclusive article or interview.

On our Blog section, we also sometimes feature NFT projects. If you would like to be featured there, simply send us an email. 

4. Paid Feature NFT drops 

You probably seen it already on most NFT calendar pages. Often times there is a featured section that pins projects on the top of the page. These feature promotions can be super powerful. 

featured badge

From our experiences, we see a 10x multiplicator in views and clicks on projects that advertise on our feature section. You should definitely check that option out: Book your feature promotion!

Wow, you made it to the last of our tips. Wait… that have been only 9 tips and tricks, not 10. 

Ok, we add one more. (sigh) 

Numero 10: Buy other projects! 

Okay, that might sound ridiculous first. But don’t think that you need thousands or even millions of dollars. 

There are projects out there, that haven’t been that successful, or the owners just want to build something new. 

That’s a great starting point for you, to acquire that project and get the powerful customer data with that. 

After that, you have a raw diamond, you only need to grind. The options are almost infinite. For example: You can merge the bought project with your project, airdrop the owners something, let them know through email, telephone, a handwritten letter or a carrier pigeon about your new project and leverage your data. 

A lot of big enterprises do exactly that. Why shouldn’t you do that with your NFT collection? 

Well. Now we are done! Do you have any other genius marketing  move that we haven’t covered in this article? Drop us a comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts. 

Also, if something worked for you, let us know as well – we love success stories. 

And don’t forget: if you have a project that you want to list and advertise on – use our Submit Page and Advertising Page – or reach out to us! 


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