3 Tips To Sell Out Your NFT Project (NFT Tips)

Written by Neil Reily
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3 NFT Tips! We analyzed more than 7892 NFT projects to find the three most valuable things, that separate the good from the bad.

Perfect, you done already one step completely right, you chose NFTiming as your NFT calendar.

We have more than 20.000 unique visitors each month - and are therefore one of the biggest platform for new NFT projects. 

What else can you do to push your project? Here are our 3 tips for you: 


- yep, we wrote it all caps - because it's so damn important! 

Be specific with your project. That means - address a specific niche, a specific crowd. Don't be broad. 

There are more than 800 project submission we receive every month. Only a few get accepted by us (hold tight - almost done 🤓) and we see the same stuff over and over again. 

The same design - the same approach to talk to customers, etc. 

Only because something worked one time - doesn't mean it will work 20+ times after that. 

Be brave and allow your project to address a specific niche. There is not such thing as a too small audience - you can only go too broad. 

The project's we seen succeed most of the time, are the ones that are very specific and have a narrow audience. 

Okay, first tip - check! ✅ 

2. Build a strong community! 

I know, that tip sounds easier than it is. NFT projects are all about communities. But how do you build a strong and raging community? 

First of all, don't speak to everyone (NFT Tips #1!) and speak to them as early as possible! 

“But we don't have anything to post yet” - we hear that a thousand times per day. 

You don't have to post finished, high quality postcard image stuff. Simply document what you working on!

You build a design in Photoshop? Perfect, take a screenshot and post that! 

People want to get involved and see what you working on - simply share that.

Even greater will be the involvement once you have finished stuff that you can post. 

Believe us, people love that! 

As Gary Vee used to say - “document - don't create” 

3. Drive as much attention as you can!

Okay, NOW is time to get out what you want to tell the world! And please, please, please - do it BOLD! here comes the of our NFT Tips.

It's not the time to whisper or tell quite secrets. It's the time to be loud, bold and aggressiv. 

You can't allow your project to do it any other. People see enough projects every day - so you have to stand out. 

But how you do that? 

There is unfortunately not only one correct answer. But there are a few correct ones. 

  • use Twitter!!
  • create content on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and any other cannel
  • partner with other projects or Platforms
  • publish your project on NFT Calendar's (you choose the best one already 🙏🏻)

and: don't be scared to put money to work! Means: use paid advertising - it gives you one of the greatest leverage you can have! 

View it as a little money plant seed, you place on fresh soil 🌱 - it will take time, money and efford - but it comes back more than 10x times

The most projects we've seen succeed also booked our Promotion Service on NFTiming - to push their project and reach every prospect that comes on our site. 

Have a look at the screenshot below. Every user that comes on our site sees the featured project. 

nft tips

Remember: We have more than 20.000 unique visitors that are looking for the best projects out there. Every visitors will see the promoted project on our site!

That an aggressiv marketing strategy! - And that is what you need to succeed. ✅

if you want to place your project on top of every page and succeed as well - click here:

PS: Our promotion spots are limited ❗

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