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#WANDER: the story behind

WANDER is a n.4 artworks collection where the main focus is concentrated on the theme of loneliness and strong emotions that derive from perceiving oneself abandoned to oneself. What does it mean in depths to feel alone and useless, sacrificed by an unclean and perfidious destiny to wander in the indifference of invisibility in the eyes of others and of the world in which one lives?. It could be an illusion of the mind, a mirage, an evanescent image that dissolves before the eyes but the weight of that perception remains, is felt and the burden deriving from its weight on the soul will be devastating.

It is known, ourselves, our identity modulation depends by the way others shape the image of ourselves and the relation we have with it is related to our ability to accomplish the others desires and expectations. When we excellence, it’s all good, when we want to be who or what we want to,without taking into account others opinions, we fail, or worse, we got destroyed. The whole entire world that surround us collapse and there is no neither hand nor help willing to sustain us. Wander is a tribute to all these situations that we constantly live in daily routine and that we had personally experimented once in life, or, heard or read on a newspaper distracted by the idea it will never happen to us.

In order to convey the meaning of the context I used jagged and dynamic abstract grundge forms, apparently rapid and sinister to represent the backgrounds and environments, always rich in gaudy pointed details, highly contrasting with abundant use of blacks and whites, dissonant shades where warm and strong colors prevail. In this context of bright colors there is always present the key supporting element of all the works that has been symbolically represented with a small spaceship. This science fiction aircraft is the icon of the man who wanders alone, forgotten and apparently invisible in a world that appears to him distorted, degenerated, corrupted and degraded, just as if it had been devastated by a cataclysm and reduced to a pile of rubble or after being hit by an apocalyptic war. A war that rages undisturbed, in silence, as if no one was aware of it or more simply as if everyone were subjected to its dominant power and its pestilence. In this destroyed abstract world, the little spaceship continues its journey unabated and aimlessly.

This collection is not the only product of the imagination but takes inspiration from the social problem of marginalization and withdrawal from public life, uncomfortable and often deliberately ignored matters. Wander, in its own way, with its abstract colors and its picturesque flashy brushstrokes, wants to give a cry of comfort and respond to an invisible s.o.s. acting as a foothold and support to all those people who are affected by the indifference that dominates our world, trying to exorcise the pain they carry inside.

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