Utility Token - Falktron Hommage GPU NFTs

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About Utility Token - Falktron Hommage GPU NFTs

Marlon, Matthias and Sebastian are the first members of Falktron. Falktron is opening its terrain, and it's time to get an entry ticket. Each GPU-NFT is a metaphorical ticket into the computing network of the future Falktron DAO, giving you access to our community. First granted a special Discord role depending on your level and eligibility to enter raffles and airdrops. Utility token tickets also include $FALKTRO to help control the future DAO. The founding year of the Falktron DAO is 2023.

There are 3 levels of the NFT Utility GPU Phase 0 on The top 3 backers will receive a special limited edition NFT GPU for the Falktron DAO, depending on their level of campaign contribution. The top 3 backers will include 1000, 500 and 250 of $FALKTRO in addition to limited edition NFTs.

  • ASUS® ROG STRIX RTX™ 3090 Secured at 1 ETH – 17 total
  • AMD® RADEON™ RX 6900 XT: Secured at 0.1 ETH – 170 total
  • INTEL® ARC™ ALCHEMIST: Secured at 0.01 ETH – 1000 total

Future editions will be created, but with different designs and edition numbers, which you will help to determine.

The Falktron DAO decentralized autonomous organisation for high performance computing - NVIDIA-dHPC for scaling CGI/ML/AI/Metaverse projects - short Falktron Utility Token

We want to offer decentralized possibilities for you to use the hardware of the current state in order to be able to fully experience the progress of technology and not just leave this to the big players. Unlike them, we enable data and property security through blockchain. Low prices are made possible through a community-based decentralized autonomous organization. Your participation is important to us. Everyone gets the opportunity to participate. Together with you, we want to drive technical progress.

Creating and publishing state-of-the-art data analysis, graphics, or virtual worlds is an immense challenge that grows every day. The future demand for advanced computing power through Web3 will lead to further complexity and require higher resolution and more interactivity through computing power.

Our mission is to provide high-end computing power to everyone everywhere, without bias, with easy and affordable access to the latest technology. Together with you, we want to make the dream of virtual worlds a reality.

Scaling GPU rendering performance is too difficult with traditional rendering technology. There are limits to local rendering, network rendering, or even cloud rendering. Without a decentralized system to track and manage rendering jobs, it is impossible to utilize GPUs globally in terms of utilization efficiently. Capacity is often sold multiple times and/or only partially used (24/7). This status is not environmentally friendly.

With the continuous expansion of the decentralized computing ecosystem, performance and power will dynamically evolve over time. At the same time, the Falktron DAO will stimulate a whole new computing industry that will need to provide sufficient power for Web3 & Web4. Today, computing power is the most sought-after commodity for this and is only available in a small, insufficient amount. Soon we will run into the problem that there will not be enough computing power to develop the metaverses. What would you do if your project failed because of something as trivial as not having enough computing power?

This development will bring disruptiveness due to its revolutionary nature and will rearrange the balance of power. The revolution will come in the form of transparency, cost efficiency, participation and tradability.

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