TheFarmAnarchy Chapter 1 – Rotten Porks

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About TheFarmAnarchy Chapter 1 – Rotten Porks

The Farm Anarchy was born from the mind of 5 Italian guys, strongly motivated with the idea of bringing a big project to the world of NFTs.
On the artistic side there are two 3D artists who have more than 6 years of experience, they have created content for some multinational companies for example Netflix, Google, Luxottica etc. These skills have been used to be able to offer the community assets that can differentiate themselves in terms of quality and attention to detail.
The remaining members of the group support the social communication, marketing and development side of the project (website, smart contract).
The project is structured following a long-term roadmap, transparent and solid, able to provide the community with benefits and utilities. There are in fact 3 main chapters, each one associated to a specific collection, representing different symbolic characters of our history. In detail, the roadmap follows the following phases:

– 0% Presale Drop: in this first phase, one of our goals is to reward those who have supported us since day one. To do this, we will organize a presale drop that will allow members to mint in advance 1,000 NFT belonging to the first collection, focused on the political class that controls the farm, represented by the Rotten Porks.

– 15% Main Drop: the remaining 9,000 assets are now open for minting by any member.

– 30% AirDrop: in this phase, 50 lucky members will be given the opportunity to receive a special edition of their Rotten Pork for free.

– 40% Second Drop: in this phase the second collection of 10,000 NFTs associated with a totally new character will be presented.

– 50% Merchandise Drop: a limited quantity of t-shirts and sweatshirts produced in Italy will be distributed to all those who want to represent the project during their everyday life.

– 60% Last Drop: the last 10,000 NFT collection will be dropped during this phase.

– 75% Projects Sponsorship: Our team strongly believes in the potential of the NFT ecosystem. Therefore, we want to give the possibility to help interesting projects to emerge. We will leave space for our members to suggest us which are the developing projects that they think are valuable and solid. And then we will take care of the rest, supporting them with some donations and direct sponsorship on our social channels.

– 100% Board Game Launch: at the end of this long journey, to differentiate ourselves from others, we also want to provide our supporters with something physical and tangible. Together with a team of experts, we will produce a real board game never seen on the market.

This roadmap represents the main milestones and as a result other steps may incorporated and will be communicated as the project continues. Among these, we plan to implement a system of redistribution of royalties from sales made on OS platform. Furthermore, if we successfully complete all of the above steps, we will evaluate the possible entry into the metaverse in order to further extend the longevity and value of the entire project.

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