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OCEN Studios™ is pioneering the world's first fully VR compatible social + competitive platform within the metaverse that’s easily accessible to anyone worldwide. By shifting the focus back to creating an immersive gaming experience first with a seamless Play-2-Earn blockchain foundation, our ecosystem is easily navigable by anyone, whether you're a crypto pro or still learning the ropes.   The Fish Tank is only the very first game to kick-start our ecosystem. Our vision is to develop an entire network of games that live and breathe the Play-To-Earn (P2E) model. We recognize how flooded the space is with rushed, poor-quality games - but our mission is to go beyond just fixing it.   We aim to be not only P2E game leaders, but developers that open the space for everyone to earn - even if gaming isn’t their addiction. With the upcoming introduction of our tokens, $PEARL and $OCEN, we’re excited to expand to everything from farming to staking and trading NFTs. Big news is coming. Don’t wait to get on board.   What is the series 1 NFT?   The series 1 NFTs, nicknamed "the blobfish", are a collection of 2500 unique, pixel art style NFTs that will help support the initial growth of OCEN studios and The Fish Tank. They will provide a whole host of benefits to early investors, including but not limited to:   - Passive income (Exclusive to Series 1 mints ONLY).   - Most scarcity (Only 2,500 Series 1s will be in existence) and in turn will have the highest demand compared to all future mints.   - Exclusive in game access to blob only areas of Overworld.   - Playable in-game character.   Join us as we commence our 4th NFT drop!!! only 500 available! be there or miss out, our current floor price is over 2x the mint price already!!!

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