The Crypto Stars Collection

NFT is already released

About The Crypto Stars Collection

Put simply the Crypto Stars NFT Collection is a tribute to what I think are the most iconic women and men (whether real or fictitious) from Ancient history until Modern times across multiple artistic disciplines.

We are giving away 130 x White list spots for The Crypto Stars Collection.

The Crypto Stars Collection is made up of 333 unique handcrafted NFT's by 3D artist Pierre Benjamin. The Crypto Stars NFT Collection was created in the middle of the pandemic, in early 2021. Pierre Benjamin initially made a small series of 15 Crypto Stars and soon realized that this collection could have long-term success in the NFT space. As a result he created an entire collection.

This unique collection is a tribute to fascinating, appealing and prestigious figures that have been admired or abhorred throughout history. Included in the series are iconic characters like Mona Lisa, Napoleon, Cleopatra, Cesar, Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Beethoven, Robin Hood, Tutankhamun, Loki, Pinocchio, Mozart, Frankenstein, The British Royal family, Joan of Arc, Nefertiti , Che Guevara, Nikola Tesla, Michelangelo, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Desmond Tutu,  and many more. The aim is not to mock these figures, but to present them as satirical or caricatural. It is about highlighting influential individuals who have made an impact in history.

As many as 50 NFT's have been sold as private presales up until now.

Our RoadMap :

  • 3 Special edition animated GIF Crypto Stars NFT's will be sent out (through airdrop) to all Crypto Stars Holders, as well as a few people who have supported the Project since its inception in 2021.
  • WL Spot for the physical framed pieces of art of the Crypto Stars will be given via another (3 are in development). These will be sold separately and exclusively to Crypto Stars NFT owners who have been WL.
  • Exclusive secret event that will be available for holders to attend to meet Pierre Benjamin. A raffle will take place during the event, exclusively for Crypto Stars holders only, with a free Crypto Stars NFT to be won and air dropped. Physical sculptures of the Crypto Stars will also be on display at the event.
  • A limited edition of signed prints will be given to the holders as a reward.
  • Spring 2023 The final drop will be revealed to the public through Premint.XYZ WL
  • Final private event will take place to celebrate the full release of the collection. All Crypto Stars  NFT and Physical holders will be invited to meet Pierre Benjamin, the Artist behind the Crypto Stars NFT Collection.

Post Launch

  • Release of a limited animated GIF NFT series of the Crypto Stars Collection.
  • The Crypto Stars Cartoon first Series Production will start. A Crowdfunding will be created to fund it.
  • More information is available on

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