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About Teejeez Drop

– What is Teejeez?
In search for the answer to the “Are we living in a simulation?” question, the famous scientist E.M. had the idea to code a program to simulate an entire universe. What he couldn’t have predicted, was those bytes after bytes, variable after variables, mutation after mutation, the algorithm eventually gave birth to something unexpected. An autonomous civilization, made of independent minds living by its own rules. The only thing he could discover at first was how they called themselves, the Teejeez.

Like human beings, they are composed of a large number of traits that form their DNA. As such every TJZ is different and so unique. The Teejeez live on the Ethereum blockchain and will be mintable as NFT.

– The SquareNobles Golden Token:
Because TJZ is our first project, we want to offer a life time advantage to the very few people who will believe in us. As such, the first 1000 minters will receive a SquareNobles Golden Token as an NFT. This golden token will grant you privileges for all our future project, as well as potential DAO sit if we choose to build one. Like any NFT, every Golden Token holder will be able to trade it or sell it.

– SquareNobles, what is it?
SquareNobles is an Art collective focused on digital art. While TJZ is our first artistic experiment we’re highly interested in generative arts, video games, interactive experimentations, and all arts-related with the digital medium.

– What is planned next?
There are two points to discuss while speaking about the next steps. Firstly, we’re willing to take you on the journey with us by opening a voting system for all our future decisions. For example, all the future Golden Token holders (see above) would be eligible to take part in the decision process by choosing which idea we should build next. Secondly, we have a lot of ideas regarding TJZ or another project. Those ideas come from reflection like, what if your TJZ could have a baby? Have a Room? What if they could enter a battle royal with a prize pool? What if they could have pets that you would be able to fuse to make them evolve? What about forging weapons… etc. We can’t say more for the moment but we hope this gave you a glimpse of things to come for the SquareNobles journey.

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