Sway Stories Moments Launch

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About Sway Stories Moments Launch

Sway Stories Moments are the first and only collectibles for Sway House influencers Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson, whose passionate fanbase of 50M+ will be able to claim and trade fun clips from their new game, Sway Stories. The first third-party game for TikTok, Sway Stories combines the power of massive social media communities with the proven interactive-fiction genre to create a unique offering starring the iconic social media duo.

Offering / value proposition
Sway Stories Moments are the first union of tokenomics, massive social audiences, and proven gamification mechanics, presenting NFT enthusiasts with a unique opportunity for collection and trading.

Sway Stories Moments will ship with a huge built-in audience hungry for this content and ready to buy, trade, and collect. The audience already engages with this content through the Sway Stories game, which has proven the willingness of the audience to invest through the sale of a VIP subscription pass for super-fans that offers both in-game and community benefits.

Community, tokenomics, and gamification come together for the first time in Sway Stories Moments with powerful interactions between each. VIPs gain special access in our game and NFT Discords and may receive early access to drops. Fan follows, likes, and shares build our hype meter for releasing new episodes of narrative content. Completing NFT collections may offer in-game perks including access to special narrative choices and special moments with the influencers.

Playco, the first unicorn startup in the gaming industry, having raised 100M in Series A led by Sequoia Capital, has a proven track record of innovation. Playco has mastered the new instant games space on Facebook and LINE, and been first-to-market on new gaming platforms like Zoom and TikTok.

Every new Sway Stories season will pair with its own series of moment drops. As the story deepens and relationships are formed and tested, fans will build their collections of prized moments that grow in significance with each episode.

Playco is actively engineering additions to the first-party marketplace and will develop in-game benefits and additional community integrations related to Sway Stories Moments.

Drop Details: Coming soon!

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