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About SuperSonic Stratospheres / Colorful Empire

Reach into the SuperSonic Stratosphere!!! Get your Premier Guitar NFT on the Solona Blockchain!!! SuperSonic Stratospheres is a premier collection of 1000 uniquely forged NFT’s direct from the Stratosphere. Each one taking on the form of a guitar made with the purpose to rock you. We have put a lot of pride into making an NFT true to the heart of its artist. As a guitar player and musician, there has always been a desire to create, obtain, acquire a unique instrument that will take you to the next level. Each of these Guitar NFT’s are unique and were made from hundreds of attributes and variations, including over 100 guitar body artwork designs, over 30 pick guard and pickup configurations, when reaching to the stratosphere you will encounter one of the Songs of the Stratosphere. May you find this rare encounter. SONGS OF THE STRATOSPHERE!!! When you reach into the Stratosphere to claim your axe you will have the opportunity to connect with a Song of the Stratosphere!!! These songs are each represented by a celestial creature with its own song to sing. You could commonly connect with the Lone Wolf or Bird of Whispers. Feel the vibrations in the air of the Mighty Bear, The Optimistic Bull, or Towering Elephant. Or on an extremely rare chance encounter the elusive Dragon of Worth. PRIZES & GIVEAWAYS As we prepare to reach into the Stratosphere, there will be several prizes in the form of ART NFT’s for the attributes of the collection and we will be releasing audio versions of each Song of the Stratosphere as an NFT prize to lucky winners in the discord. More to come each week and we come closer to minting day!!!! THE FUTURE The launch will be through and we will be submitting the collection to the secondary market prior to launch so the once the mint is sold out, it can be traded. This includes Magic Eden and Others. (Check Our Twitter and Discord for Status. As we are truly enjoying this art form, we hope to have follow up collections.

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