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About Superhero NFT Wars

SNW-CB/SNW-X is a limited amount of genesis NFT pass of the SNW ( SocialFi Metaverse. Each walkable, evolvable and divine piece stands for the platform creator's determination to keep moving the entire industry forward by breaking the dimensional wall across NFT communities.

Each one out of the limited amount (9,900) of Cardborg (abbreviated as SNW-CB) has a unique mechanism to interact and upgrade with the entire SNW world, making these “habitats” more dazzling and attractive compared with other trans-metaverse warriors. While in the meantime, the scarce TV Head X (abbreviated as SNW-X), limited to only 100 pieces, will unlock its appearance step by step throughout exploration process of the SNW SocialFi Metaspace, demonstrating its unique design and rich heritage inherited from famous copyrights. Along with a sense of belongingness and achievement, SNW-CB/SNW-X works as a Genesis Membership Pass for genesis explorable who aim to embrace a more immersive SocialFi experience.

Superhero NFT Wars ( is a Layer 0 metaverse that connects all live NFT metaverses. Through the unique portals, trans-metaverse NFT holders are summoned into the SNW main universe for interactive web 3.0 immersive social interactions.

Let us imagine the scene like:

Punk can play against Azuki; Moonbirds can join hands with Mfers to send greetings to a whale user; different groups can gather in the main square and checking the $BTC / $ETH price changes from time to time together like witness the new year count-down; different metaverse from different dimensions fuse into a unified one, etc.

As the most special creation aborigines among them, SNW-CB and SNW-X will participate in all the above processes and events, while harvest the most exclusive resources (e.g. special user IDs, exclusive props, experience rights for new functionalities, and possibly, airdrops of special items. The greater the number of SNW-CB/SNW-X held, the longer the duration after minting, and the higher the level evolved for each piece, the higher return and more benefit you will get!

As the ultimate goal of SNW is to construct a Layer 0 SocialFi Metaspace with all NFT communities, so the co-builders will determine final appearance of this continent. The holders of the Genesis SNW-CB/SNW-X NFTs have the decisive voting power over community proposals to promote the upgrading, evolution, and ultimately the formation of continent well-bing. In the early stage, it will include essential facilities such as the assembly square, the wishing pool, and the dancing ballroom, interactive playground, submerged P2E minigames, and the infinite expansion possibilities of the SocialFi map. With the continuous improvement of the continental world, the value of voting rights (especially of SNW-X) will become incrementally prominent.

The core team members of SNW are from Ubisoft, Tencent, Binance, and Google, with rich and comprehensive experience in social products and game interaction projects. Led by the well-known on-chain GameFi project Starsharks, well-known angel investment institution PreAngel, Geek Cartel, Betterverse DAO, etc. After the grand launch of SNW-CB/SNW-X in May, we will cooperate with well-known GameFi and NFT communities to jointly build this one-for-all SocialFi Metaspace.

The official summoning of SNW-CB/SNW-X minter will start very soon. Grasp the prosperity of Metaverse, join the Genesis SNW-X Memebership Club and share the ultimate Web3.0 SocialFi ecology with us together TODAY⛲️!

Stunning Points and Features????

  1. Backed up with comprehensive and well-developed SNW projects and its investors;
  2. Existing community over 200K , with already confirmed addresses of over 3-5+%;
  3. Other than this collection, has two more avatars to collaborate with, namely the SNW Cubies and SNW Heroes;
  4. SNW Cubies Are Also Open for NFT customization through B2B design based on demands and requests;
  5. Main scenes of the SNW Metaspace Map is about to launch right away (not like most NFT collections with short lifespan);
  6. Multiple utilities, inc. but not limited to: gambling elements, minigames, SocialFi themes, wishing fountain, DAO governance and Voting, a membership pass for the token airdrop, dancing ballroom, etc.;
  7. An entirely new evolvable, upgradable, crypto-native mystery box NFT collection;
  8. The quicker to mint SNW-CB/SNW-X, the higher chance to own more benefits as this collection might work as the genesis membership pass for the SNW ecosystem as a whole to enjoy the endless rewards in the future;
  9. Future might switch/expand to academy and research streams by founding the SNW Academy
  10. Innovatively utilize the ERC721A protocol for smart contract development;
  11. Though initiated from similar ideas as Lets Walk or World Wide Web (webb) but more than the pure NFT image utilities;
  12. Those token holders of X2Y2 or Looks could enjoy extra benefits if mint SNW-CB/SNW-X compared with traditional minter.


2021 Q4

  • The Idea and Community of SNW-CB/SNW-X Initiated;
  • Version 1.0 of SNW Official Website Launched;
  • Involvement of the First Bench of Partners, Include but Not Limited to:
  • Starsharks: the leading Binance Smart Chain-based GameFi project and immense community;
  • Ubisoft Outsourced Group: for Game Engine Development and SocialFi Main Theme Rendering;
  • the World-first GameFi Project of Japanese Anime Card;
  • Crypto Nation: Top5 South American Blockchain Media.

2022 Q1

  • Seed Round of Investment Closed, led by Starsharks, Geek Cartel and Preangel;
  • Social Media Followers of SNW Exceed 170K;
  • Meme Contest and Ambassador Programs Launched;
  • Shadow Challenge and Costume Party Campaign Launched.

2022 April

  • Demo Testing of Version 2.0 of SNW Official Website;
  • SNW Cubies NFT Collection Giving away to Collaborators and Campaign Winners;
  • SNW-CB/SNW-X Whitelisting Events;
  • Minigame Theme Month —— SNW² Launched.

2022 May

  • Official Listing of SNW-CB/SNW-X on Opensea;
  • Public Minting Initiated;
  • Minigame-enabled SNW Official Website Launched;
  • SNW-CB/SNW-X EXP Program Activated by Upgrading and Evolving Their NFTs;

2022 June

  • The Dancing Ballroom and Wishing Fountain Are Open for ALL SNW Users;
  • Cross-IP Customization Campaign Activated to Elevate the SNW-CB/SNW-X Collection to A Higher Altitude;
  • Active Monthly Community Members Exceed 1 Million;
  • Treasury Fund Is Established and Started Distributing the Tokens back to Campaign Winners, Top-ranking Players and Major Web 3.0 Contributors;
  • Major NFT Community Collaborations, Advertising Program Initiated, and with multiple industry-leading KOLs & Guilds Moving into SNW SocialFi Metaspace.

2022 July

  • Design of the DAO Voting and Governance Mechanism, the Amount and Rankings of the Held SNW-CB/SNW-Xs Will Determine the Governance Power;
  • GameFi Theme Month: Bonus EXP Points Gained across the Minigame Series;
  • The World-first On-chain Metaverse Live Concert and Dancing Ball Event with Top 100 DJs, Bands and Digital Singers.

2022 August

  • Special Token Airdrop Event ONLY to SNW-CB/SNW-X Genesis Holders;
  • Membership Rights Greatly Enhanced as with More B2B Collaborators (esp. Communities and Other Eco-utilities) Coming in;
  • Plot Auction of Commercial and Residential SNW Building Initiated on Opensea;
  • Derivative SNW-CB/SNW-X NFT Collections Welcoming for Community Designs.

2022 September

  • Over 10 Minigames Available for P2E;
  • PVP Module Initiated;
  • Target Real-time Bidding Advertisement Calling for Early Applications.

2022 Q4

  • Standard SocialFi Industry Whitepaper Published;
  • On-chain Map Editor Launched;
  • Guild Land Module Launched, Each Community Shall Use the Plot NFTs to Settle at SNW Guild Land;
  • SNW Treasury Research Academy Initiated;
  • Pure DAO Governance and Voting by SNW-CB/SNW Holders;
  • P2E Module Initiated, Provision of Extra Explorable SocialFi Metaspace for Users while SNW-CB/SNW-X Holders Will Have the Priority Rights.

2023 Q1

  • IDO Module and Trading Desk Launched;
  • Cross-guild PVP Combat Arena and PVE Treasury Hunt Campaign Initiated.

2023 Q2-Q4

  • Build the Unified Infrastructure for ALL Live NFT Communities;
  • Well-rounded SP2E Tokenomics and Treasury Fund Distribution Mechanism;
  • SNW-CB/SNW-X’s Membership Utility Further Enhancement.

Important Milestones⛰️

???? 2021 Q4: Program Initiated;

???? 2022 Q1: Starsharks and Preangel-lead Seed Investment Closed, with Social Media Followers Boomed;

???? 2022 April: SNW² Theme Month for SNW-CB/SNW-X Whitelisting Giveaway;

???? 2022 May: SNW-CB/SNW-X Official Issue on Opensea; P2E Enabled SNW Minigame Launched;

????️‍????️ 2022 June: B2B Collaborations; Treasury Fund Launched and Started Distribution; More SNW Utilities Initiated;

???? 2022 July: DAO Governance Mechanism Launched; Hold the First Onchain Live Show;

???? 2022 August: SNW-CB/SNW-X Membership Benefits Enjoyed; Commercial and Residential Plot Auction on Opensea;

???? 2022 September: PVP Module Launched;

???? 2022 Q4: Onchain Map Editor Activated; Community Guilds Settled down at SNW;

???? 2023 Q1: IDO Launchpad Initiated;

???? 2023 Q2-Q3: Realize the Objective by Establishing the Unified Infrastructure.

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