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Phase 1: Boarding the Longship

To us, the community comes first. This clan is founded on the principles of relationship building, and comradery. The first full-body Shiba Vikings Collection will raise the standard for 3D NFTs and stand out amongst its competitors by presenting incredible detail, 4k resolution, and real use cases in the Metaverse.

We teamed up with three talented artists from all over the world to provide you with a mind-blowing collection. While our 3D character artists focus on the details, authenticity, and functionality of our Vikings; our Creative Director and CGI Video Production Artist showcases the most realistic and creative short films in the entire space!

Our team is working with successful entrepreneurs, marketing veterans, and crypto enthusiasts to make this launch one of the most hyped projects in February 2022.

All Mint Information will be published.

Phase 2: Shib Token Rewards

As early investors, the Shiba Inu token became the inspiration for our vision for the Shiba Vikings Clan. Consequently, we want to share our success with our holders by providing Shib Token Rewards in return.

Our Rewards System will enable you to earn passive income with your Shiba Vikings NFT. By simply holding on to your NFT, a percentage of the royalty will go to the Shib Token Rewards pool and be distributed among holders.

The amount of Rewards you get depends on the rarity of your Shiba Viking. The more rare your NFTs, the higher the shares of the Rewards Pool will be. Once the launch on OpenSea concludes, the reward system will start immediately.

Phase 3: Shiba Vikings have a big heart

Due to the high demand and quality of our project, the Shiba Vikings will quickly make headlines. Let’s be clear: we are all here because we love our Shiba Inu Dogs! They are the foundation of our community, which is why we want to spread the #ShibaLove by contributing with donations to the rescue of our beloved companions.

As you know by now, our community is the most important thing for us. Thus, we will decide together on a worthy project and pledge to donate $50k to the selected Charity Organisation on Reveal Day!

Phase 4: Launch of the Shiba Vikings Women’s Clan

People flooded our Discord and asked us to create a female Shiba Vikings Collection, and as we all know, every successful Viking has a strong and beautiful woman behind him. Therefore, Phase 4 will be dedicated to launching our Shiba Vikings Women’s clan, which will carry the same depth of character as the artists’ best works.

As you may know, Vikings were one of the only folks where men and women fought side by side. That’s why we want you to be able to choose if you want to fight as a female or male Viking. All Shiba Vikings Holder will automatically get rewarded by receiving a WL Spot.

Phase 5: Invasion of the Metaverse

Due to our artists’ experience in creating game realistic characters, the Shiba Vikings will be fully equipped to function in the metaverse. Phase 5 will include the host of our ‘’Shiba Fight Club’’, which will take gaming fans and Shiba Inu supporters by storm!

Shiba Vikings Holders qualify to purchase in-game assets with their Shib Rewards. These can be used to upgrade your Vikings with different weapons; it will make your Viking stronger and more valuable in the metaverse.

THE WINNER TAKES ALL! The game will also allow you to bet your rewards token and fight against another Viking – The stronger your Viking, the more fights you win, the more tokens you will earn.

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