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The Passport takes NFT technology and deploys it in a truly unique way, using non-fungible tokens to create a form of decentralized, digital identity that you can carry with you anywhere in the metaverse. Unlike many NFTs that act simply as a token that gates access to an online community, NFT Passports not only introduce a variety of other utilities, they are also designed to be interoperable across any community in the Sapien ecosystem, helping form a shared infrastructure across these various communities.

With your NFT Passport in hand, you can immediately begin telling your story in the metaverse. Through the communities you join, you can build your reputation to be whatever you want. Whether you’re an artist, writer, developer, or community leader, you can bring your talents and skills to communities that matter and be recognized for your efforts with stamps and titles on your Passport that you can share proudly with others as you carry your Passport across the many communities you choose to be a part of.

Being among the first passport holders in history comes with its own perks, like early access to the Sapien platform and direct contact with the Sapien team to make sure your voice is heard as we build this new metaverse together. You’ll have not only the opportunity to join the many communities we’re bringing on board, but also the ability to start your own communities on our platform where you can launch your own social currency under our new token standard and use the passport as a tool to help your community thrive.

Sapien Passports come customized with some of the most unique NFT art out there. Each passport will have a 1 of 1 avatar of a figure from history to help us remember and honor the past as we build the future. No procedurally generated figures like most NFT projects, instead you get to participate in the formation of this collection by choosing a figure from history to be your avatar and picking the image of them you’d like to use as the base for the machine learning art.

Most importantly, by acquiring one of the first passports to ever exist, you’ll be joining the ranks of builders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are already on board as founding members of the Sapien Nation. You will have direct access to bring your voice to the foundation of the first digital nation in the world. This is our opportunity to make our mark and make a difference. Join us and claim your place in history.

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