Royal Flush Ape Club Mint Day

NFT is already released

About Royal Flush Ape Club Mint Day

Mint Day is coming! The first 1,111 mints will be FREE, and 0.05 ETH afterwards.
Presale starts minting at 5:00pm EST, and Public starts at 7:00pm.

Royal Flush Ape Club NFTs are not just a another cute profile pic. They are a utility-based asset with tokenomics that will have increasing functionality as we continue to grow. There will never be more than 8888 cards in circulation at any one time. The first challenge for players is to build a solid poker hand by purchasing off secondary or redrawing from cards remaining in the deck using $CHIPs.

Initial reward will be linked to the staking of poker hands. To accumulate a stash of $CHIPs, the better the hand staked the higher the reward. Classic poker hands will be rewarded as described on the page 3. Factoring in the
value of the cards as well as the hand. So, a full house, Aces over Kings would reward more than Threes over Twos.

Remember, Jokers are WILD!

Gambling will continue to be the central theme of the Royal Flush Ape Club and players will have several methods to earn, spend, and lose their $CHIPs. Initially, players will need to stake between one and five cards in order to
generate $CHIPs. These $CHIPs can be used for gambling or to purchase a redraw from the remaining cards in the deck, to either upgrade cards from the floor to flip, or to add to their current hand to generate even more $CHIPs.

Gambling will begin on the street. Players will need to hone their skills in shady back alleys to build a reputation before being allowed to enter the casino. Once the high stakes gambling begins, the casino will build revenue
from player losses and the community will be able to vote on which gaming tables become available.

Join some of the luckiest mother flushers in the club! Get in early for your shot at the VIP.

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