Planica NFT Ski Jumpers Collection 2022

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About Planica NFT Ski Jumpers Collection 2022

Unique digital collection of hand drawn portraits of the best ski jumpers in the world uniting sport fans and NFT fanatics all over the globe for the very first time in the history of winter sports. All funds raised during the auction will be donated back to the sport — to athletes, to their national ski associations, and to the organizing committee of Planica.

Traditionally, Planica is hosting the finale of the Ski Jumping World Cup series. This year, we will celebrate this event with the first-ever Planica NFT collection: Planica 2022. The full collection will be unveiled on March 11, 2022. The author of this unique NFT collection is the renowned Slovenian illustrator Mitja Bokun, known for his unique illustration style and for his portraits of many famous personalities. The ski jumper illustrations are a combination of hand-drawn pencil sketches and ink overlays on paper. The portraits are then transferred into digital form, where the artist uses state-of-the-art techniques to create the portraits in their final form.

NFTs are an exceptional collector’s opportunity, so we know that many sports enthusiasts will want a unique piece from our Planica 2022 collection. Our aim is to help the sport and to give something back to the athletes. That’s why 33% of all funds raised will go to athletes, 33% to their national ski organizations, and 33% to organizing committee of Planica.

By setting the winning bid, defined as the highest price offered for an individual NFT art from the collection. The auction will take place on the ICONOMI NFT marketplace from 18 to 27 March 2022. The auction will end 10 minutes after the end of the World Cup in Planica. The starting price for each NFT is 200 USDT. Each subsequent bid must be at least 50 USDT more than the current highest bid.

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