Pirates of the Pandemic Presale

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About Pirates of the Pandemic Presale

Pirates of the Pandemic is a NFT community whose objective is to build a well renowned Metaverse brand through an enjoyable Battle Royale (Play-to-Earn) gaming and decentralized finance experience that prioritizes community empowerment and asset ownership.

We are building a P2E Battle-Royale with features such as treasure hunts, in-game NFT accessories trading and looting. The goal is to fight for $POP tokens.

Benefits of holding a Pirates of the Pandemic NFT

➤Free and early access to Ferocity (Play-to-Earn Battle Royale game)
➤Access to our NFT Staking and Lending protocols to earn $POP Tokens and an APY (%)
➤Access to a DAO which gives you the right to vote on the future of the brand and a percentage of the profits generated
➤Exclusive membership for the “Sunrise Marina” ; A beachfront resort on the metaverse with networking events, arcade games and an interactive 3D NFT gallery.
➤Community fund to acquire blue chip art and NFTs through secondary market royalties. These acquisitions will be used for treasure hunts and giveaways for our holders.

Read our Whitepaper for further explanations and details.

What makes your project differences/ stand out from others?

➤Different styles of NFTs Art in the same project (Sketching and Shading, anime, generative)

➤Doxxed and Transparent team who host regular AMA’s on discord and twitter spaces

➤While other P2E projects raise funding from NFT sales to build a game, we are building a game prior to our NFT sale. We want to show progress to our community before asking them to invest in our project. We already have gameplay videos on our socials!

➤Our Artist Shawn has worked with Square Enix and Dbros.

➤We are trying our best to follow regulatory framework to not be classified as a security.The reason for 20% of royalties being dedicated to a community fund is because we would like to distribute royalties back to the community but doing it directly would risk us being delisted on Opensea. Hence we felt a workaround to that would be a community fund where we acquired bluechips for giveaways to holders. This is not a direct percentage income stream and does not guarantee a percentage of income from the sales of a pool of assets. We know the laws around what is currently defines as a security in the NFT space is still unclear, and we are aware, that certain aspects of the project could possibly be defined as a security, but we’re still working with our legal team to get more clarity moving forward. We are building a project that will be here for years to come hence this is important to us.

➤A part of our vision is to turn the Pirates of the Pandemic project into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous organization) This means that it would be a functioning decentralized economy, built on decentralized technology and authority. We want to encourage the community to take up responsibilities relating to the game’s future and get rewarded accordingly. However, an approach like this must be taken carefully as the path we are taking is relatively
new and unexplored. Our technology is built on various software and the migration has to be released stage by stage

➤Our Smart contract locks away the team’s share for 3 years + 5 years vesting period to show our commitment to the project.

➤We have a 1 year roadmap with a 5 year vision.

➤Deflationary transition with breeding and burn mechanisms – We have placed fusion and burn mechanisms in place to insure the rarity of our NFTs.

➤Pirates of the Pandemic marks a moment in time that shows the hardships humanity went through and the perseverance we showed. It will be something to look back on and rejoice. It is a historic reference that we will rejoice over in the future.

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