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About Otto NFTs Mint

Otto NFTs, the First Citizens of the Otter Kingdom
Breedable. Stakeable. Lovable!

Key Roadmap Points:

– Breedable NFTs
– PASSIVE Income with Baby Ottos
– Profit-sharing mechanism with OtterClam’s own NFT marketplace soon.

OtterClam is a decentralized ecosystem that incorporates elements of finance, governance, and NFTs, in the metaverse. These three components correspond to OtterClam’s Treasury, DAO, and Otter Kingdom, respectively.
OtterClam is a DAO-governed community of NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse enthusiasts who value transparency, innovation, education, and fun.
Our goal is to create an ecosystem built on the CLAM token that incorporates NFTs and DeFi in the Metaverse. The ecosystem can be described as a series of overlapping incentives encouraging users to purchase and hold CLAM via staking, bonding, or locking up PEARLs in chests in order to receive rewards.

We’ve broadened the Treasury’s working definition to include the all the mechanisms at work behind the protocol’s reward system. These include NFT market revenue management, the PEARL chests/notes rewards system, and of course, the various staking and bonding features that serve as the backbone of the protocol.
Users might also be introduced to our project through PAW Market, a proprietary, Polygon-based NFT market where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs without the high fees associated with the Ethereum network.
Since PAW Market will be open source and permissionless, in addition to being far more cost-effective than other platforms, we’re confident this feature of the Otter Kingdom will attract many users while supporting the exponential growth of Polygon’s NFT ecosystem.

PAW Market will utilize the CLAM token at every turn. Buying, selling, and minting NFTs will require CLAM. This will support the treasury’s growth directly, and the OtterClam protocol more broadly, by creating a source of natural demand.

Otto NFTs may be minted with ETH or with CLAM that comes with a 30% discount.

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