Notorious Pigeonz

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About Notorious Pigeonz

Introducing: Notorious Pigeonz NFT

Launching on December 12, 2023, Notorious Pigeonz is more than just a unique digital collectible. It offers an entry point to a large video game universe where the nostalgia of old-school gaming integrates seamlessly with modern web3 technology. Forget about in-game microtransactions; in this interconnected world, your actions have consequences that shape a journey uniquely tailored to you.

More Than Just an NFT

Developed on the Ethereum Blockchain, every Notorious Pigeonz NFT is a unique digital asset that you can truly call your own. World-class animators have meticulously crafted each Pigeon, making them not just digital collectibles but true works of art. While they can serve as your social media profile pictures, they offer far more in terms of utility and value.

An Expansive Avian Universe

Your Notorious Pigeonz NFT grants you membership into an exclusive community of enthusiasts. The universe doesn't just consist of Pigeonz, however. Prepare to meet the Notorious Sparrows, Eagles, Falcons, Apes, and even the fearsome Mad Pigeonz. Much like the Marvel Universe, the Notorious Universe is deep and interconnected, rich in lore and narrative.

Join the Known Tribes

Within this universe, you can explore various tribes such as The MAASAI, The 2ND BORN, The FORTY THIEVES, The DOWNTOWN DOVES, and The HULI. These tribes have unique cultures and offer items like weapons and attire, each with specific stats including stamina, defense, dexterity, speed, intelligence, and strength.

Community-Centric Development: The Pigeon Coop or CO-OP

We're not just creating a game; we're pioneering a new way to experience gaming. Our community-driven approach enables members to contribute to the development of different video games, animations, and other elements that can enhance the Notorious Pigeonz intellectual property. Through the Pigeon Coop or CO-OP, community members can earn monetary rewards for achieving specific milestones or for their creative contributions. While we've laid a strong foundation, it's with the community that we'll continue to build our Notorious House.

First Game: Pigeon Payback

Our first game, Pigeon Payback, is a highly engaging game where your unique pigeon takes to the skies to unleash some good-natured mayhem on the town below, targeting cars and pedestrians. Each tribe's pigeon has distinct flight characteristics and stats, offering a unique gaming experience every time you play.

Upcoming Game: Mall Madness

Stay tuned for our next big release, a turn-based role-playing game called Mall Madness, scheduled for early 2024.

Upcoming Drop on December 12th!

Stay tuned, as 5,555 Notorious Pigeonz NFTs are about to be minted in December. This marks the beginning of an expansive and ever-evolving Notorious Universe.

With a focus on community involvement and rewarding creativity, Notorious Pigeonz will redefine the landscape of video gaming. The journey is only beginning, and we invite you to be a part of it.

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