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About NinjaClan NFT Public Mint

We are a united community of Crypto Ninjas whose mission is to hunt, analyze, and invest in emerging projects that are poised to change the blockchain industry.

Ninja Clan NFTs are a collection of 5,555 unique characters created from over 100 traits. Some trait combinations are ultra-rare, occurring only once. All Ninja Clan NFTs are custom-generated, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain and can NEVER be altered.

By joining this ultra-exclusive NFT project with unmatched utility, you will gain access to an incredible community of crypto enthusiasts. Our investment research tools save you massive time and resources helping to find projects that have been audited, KYC’d, and interviewed across multiple blockchains. Not to mention our NFTs are your pass to be invited to our exclusive meetups, monthly competitions, lottery prizes and much more!

Leveraging the power of the community, NFT owners will be positioned to access private sale & presale investment opportunities for projects that are in the crowdfunding stage. Think of it like our very own launchpad!


Ninja Clan NFT is building a community of experienced investors. Simply holding 1 Ninja Clan NFT gives you lifetime access! The community’s base of investors have years of investing experience in the crypto space and have nailed their investment strategies! The community also consists of many experienced researchers and vetters. All members of our community are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with those who are willing to learn. Becoming a part of the Ninja Clan will benefit anyone looking to enhance their crypto investing knowledge.

Just imagine you have a question about security, a project, or investment strategies being a part of a clan ensures that there is always someone ready to provide some suggestions or point you in the right direction. Now, you still need to do your own research and be responsible for your own investments! However, this will definitely provide an option to widen your viewpoint and become a better investor.

As the community is not limited to any specific blockchain or experience level, all members are welcome and encouraged to share their insights, experience and knowledge. No matter how experienced you are, there will always be plenty of value gained by being a part of the Clan!

Make your choice to become a better investor!


The crypto space is an ever-changing environment. Just a couple of months ago it was easy to get into a project presale and multiply your investment. However, most of the projects have now implemented whitelist competitions, which very often are action and lottery-based and require too much effort. Even if you are lucky enough to get into a presale, launchpads typically reserve the highest allocations for “whales that hold a large number of their token. They also tend to take their fee as a percentage of the project’s tokens and dump them soon after, which causes the chart to look desperate. This can create ‘panic selling which makes it even worse. New investors become very skeptical when checking out the project and pass on the opportunity. With all of this to overcome, the project needs even more marketing funds and strong team spirit to drive the project further. To solve this problem. Enter The Dojo.

The Dojo is an improved version of a launchpad delivered by Ninja Clan NFT. Our team will invite researched and vetted projects to live AMA events exclusively held for our private community of NFT holders. The projects benefit from this as it is an amazing opportunity to raise needed capital via private sale or presale from our community of active crypto investors. The community benefits as they are able to gain valuable information from the development team, ask questions and have the opportunity to invest in the project at an early stage. Plus, participating in the Dojo will be fair to all holders as the rarity of your NFT determines only your place in line, not your allocation amount. Everyone benefits as The Dojo launchpad fee does not include tokens, therefore eliminating the dump that has become so much of a problem. Now the chart is driven only by the investors and the marketing efforts of the team, which is a WIN for everyone involved.

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