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About NFT Labs – Female Tech Leaders

NFT LABS is an educational 4-day event gathering people who want to talk about NFT Crypto Blockchain Metaverse and web3. NFTs bring blockchain to the masses and make cryptocurrency and blockchain tech more accessible to minorities so let’s discuss why Diversity & Inclusion matter and what is the role of the players right now in changing the status quo. The event will touch areas to learn how Metaverse, Blockchain, as well as Crypto and NFT are revolutionizing the world the way we know it!

NFT Lab Female Tech Leaders 2022
Image Credit: FemaleTechLeaders
When and Where

NFT Labs will be running from the 23rd & 30th March and 6th and 13th April. The event will be online for 4 days. It talks about the active female participants in the crypto world and the women statistics where research has shown that women account for just 16% of NFT art market and NFT sales of female artists accounted for only 5% of the total NFT sales. This also included statistics that almost a quarter of Millennials collect NFTs, overall, the top 25% of artists account for almost 90% of total values, male artists account for 77% of all primary and secondary sales, and finally, 23% of Black and 17% of Hispanic Americans own cryptocurrency compared to 11 % of whites.

NFT Labs Registration Details

Tickets for the event are up on the website starting at $99. The mission of Female Tech Leaders is to empower women in business and life to achieve their true potential and connect them to create a collaborative and powerful community. We can understand that NFTs and the metaverse are synonymous because of the rapid growth in blockchain gaming, hence driving further growth by working towards a virtual world. In addition, real-life identities and digital avatars give direct access to the metaverse with the help of NFTs. There will be sufficient information about the crypto world during the event.
Location: Online (Female Tech Leaders website)
Number of Attendees: 1000+
Ticket Price: $99+
Speakers: The speakers include Ana Constantino, co-founder, and CEO Nowhere as well as The Beauty and The Punk, NFT collector and Investor, and many others.

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