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About MetaTrees

We are the first NFT project that provides a real life utility with our NFT project! We aim to make our planet a better and healthier place by planting two trees for each minted NFT!


MetaTrees is all about healing the world and making this planet a better and healthier place for everyone! Our initial plan is to gather a strong community of members who have the same vision as us. The most important aspect for this project is the community. With targeted marketing we hope to build a community that has a strong will to keep thriving and ensure the success of the project.

Everyone in the community will have daily updates on what is going on in the world regarding our nature and how we can solve these issues! It is our goal to inform the community on ways to improve the quality and health of our planet!


On the 6th of March 2022 we will open our sale, meaning that anyone who would like to help this project and also help in making our world a better place, will be able to purchase a MetaTree NFT through this website!

This is where all the true MetaTrees members shine! Everyone who owns a MetaTree will have special access to a Discord channel, where we will also organise giveaways in the form of NFTs or ETH! You will all hold a special place in this project and you will also have an advantage in our secondary project which will be released once all MetaTree NFTs have been sold out AND all the 8,888 trees have been planted!


After 6 months have passed from when each batch of 2,222 trees have been planted, our team will go to the locations of where they have been planted again, and we will take pictures of each individual tree and also make sure that the coordinates of the trees are on the picture. We will then create NFTs out of these pictures and airdrop them to all members who own them for free. This means that all planted trees which correspond to the amount of NFTs you purchased will 100% belong to you.

This is where MetaTrees 2.0 comes in play! The NFTs, with the picture of your tree and the coordinates, will be the new creation of MetaTrees 2.0. This collection will consist of the progress of each tree we have planted. Every 6 months, each member will be airdropped a new NFT with an updated picture of their tree.

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