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KEYS Meta Mansions NFT Drop
March 18, 2022

Countdown to mint is live: Meta Mansions are poised to launch luxury real estate into the virtual stratosphere. The future of real estate officially arrives on March 18, 2022, when KEYS Token launches its proprietary KEYS Metaverse and first-round whitelist mint of its transformational Meta Mansions NFTs.

This exclusive collection of 8,888 luxury NFT residences are the core residence and genesis NFT collection of the KEYS Metaverse, brought to life with AAA Hollywood-caliber graphics by Genius Ventures Inc. Built on Ethereum in a first-of-its-kind Web3 universe, Meta Mansions is taking the best aspects of life and reimagining them without physical limitations in the best user experience that the NFT community has ever seen. Unreal Engine is its digital platform—the most advanced game engine on the market.

To celebrate this unprecedented leap in the evolution of real estate, business, socialization, interaction, commerce, and entertainment, KEYS Token has announced the biggest giveaway on record in the NFT space: 888 Ethereum, which will be awarded 18 days after sellout of the Meta Mansions collection. One individual will be awarded 800 ETH, while 11 individuals will win 8 ETH each. Winners will be randomly selected via live stream.

Key Highlights:

Access the Meta Mansions mint by holding a minimum of 100 KEYS Tokens.
As a KEYS Token holder, tap into exclusive real-world access, discounts, opportunities, and benefits within the KEYS ecosystem and amongst elite real-world strategic partners through the LoyalKEY program.
Receive an airdropped plot of land in one of eight unique KEYS Metaverse biomes with each Meta Mansion you mint.
Experience a fully interactive, customizable, and liveable environment in high-fidelity VR/AR/3D space.
Reinvent yourself in the KEYS Metaverse with the most advanced metaverse avatar creator in history by integrating UE Metahumans and customization, including movements and animations.
Flex your personal aesthetic with exclusive skins and texture packs.
Buy and sell KEYS Metaverse assets in the KEYS Marketplace, from Meta Mansions to land parcels, vehicles, avatars, furniture, art, and much more.
Monetize your Meta Mansion and earn passive income.
Unlock creativity and economic opportunities that could not exist in our physical world because of the barriers to entry.

Important Dates:
First-round whitelist mint drops March 18, 2022.
Second-round whitelist mint drops March 20, 2022.
Third-round whitelist mint drops March 22, 2022.
*Join the KEYS Discord to find out how to grab whitelist status*

Live anywhere, be anyone, and build anything your mind can dream of. Mint a mansion, become a legend.

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