Mellow Dogs Day

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About Mellow Dogs Day

4,444 of the Most chilled out Mellowest Dogs, Looking for a home on the Ethereum Blockchain!
Mellow Dogs act as a way to grant utility in the form of a pre-collection to an ecosystem being built from the ground up and is designed for sustainable growth.

Supply: 4,444
Public Mint Price: 0.02 Etherium

What utility will Mellow Dogs Have?
Whoever Owns the (1of1)s will gain a Free Mint for ‘The Non-Fungiblez’
200 Holders will be WL for ‘The Non-Fungiblez’ drop
Exclusive Giveaways
Exclusive Merch
Future utility within ‘The Non-Fungiblez’ storyline and ecosystem
A discord role and access to alpha, calls, and other information from the team and other holders.

Mellow Dogs was created as both a passion project for the founder of the Non-Fungiblez as well as a thank you to early adopters and joiners of the Non-Fungiblez ecosystem. As mentioned above Mellow Dogs will have utility in whitelist access for holders for The Non-Fungiblez and collaborations with other projects.

Bellow is the working roadmap for this ecosystem

Whitelist methods:
• OG rank(s)
• Exceptional contribution
• Games
• Twice daily raffles
• Other surprise ways
Part I: Pre-Mint Checklist
1. Establish Discord.
2. Establish Twitter.
3. Establish art for The Non-Fungiblez.
4. Establish an official website for the ecosystem.
5. Engage with the community for suggestions and wants from the project post mint.
6. Collaborations with other projects.
7. Mellow Dogs Mint drop for early adopters of the Non-Fungibles ecosystem.
8. Host gaming events for community engagement for WL slots (League of Legends, DOTA, APEX, Valorant, etc.).
9. Host weekly Twitter Spaces and community AMAs
Part II: Mint
1. Begin Whitelist mint.
2. 12 Hours later begin public mint.
3. 24 hours after initiation of public mint initiate reveal.
Part III: Post-Mint
Phase I: Merch, Clothing Collection, and Modifiable Metadata.
1. Begin to develop Mellow Dogs and The Non-Fungiblez merch store and drop system.
2. Begin to develop an NFT collection that is paired with this merch that can modify your Non-Fungible.
3. Further solidify the above collection through function and effect on Metadata.
4. Donations based on the community’s choice of foundation.
Phase II: Social Token, Land, and Casino
1. Develop and release social token for holders.
2. Develop the tokenomics and use case for the social token.
3. Host a vote to decide on a LAND acquisition for the Metaverse.
4. Purchase land of the community’s choice.
5. Build a casino on the Metaverse land.
6. Develop the set of benefits and utility for Non-Fungible Holders within LAND.

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