Marvellous Angels

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About Marvellous Angels

Marvellous Angels is a collection of 20,000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Having Marvellous Angels NFT grants you 100% creative and commercial rights. Each one is thoughtfully designed, specifically picked, and impeccably shaped. You have arrived in a nearby magical dimension of love, divine intervention, and possibility. In this Collection, Every NFT is unique and owns randomized items with different rarities. Each Marvellous Angel is algorithmically generated with varying rarities in 11 categories (Back Design, Background, Body, Bra, Cap And Crown, Ear, Earrings, Face, Head, Necklace, Wings) 340 + Traits.

Why I need to purchase a Marvellous Angel's NFT?


1 :- The entire project is on the Ethereum blockchain :- ERC-721

2 :- Price is less compared to other projects. :- 0.0047 ETH { Approx. 5 USD } only.

3 :- You are knowingly or unknowingly helping thousands of orphans by buying NFTs.

4 :- If you buy Marvellous Angels NFT, you will be Whitelisted for the next 2 big project.

5 :- I have set only a 0.01% royalty, which means the 99.99% profit on the NFT sale will be yours.


Angel map:-

0% - Marvellous Angels released for mint!

25% - Small Party in Orphanage - I look forward to seeing those Happy Faces.

50% - Start building 2nd Project for Our Community - Free 20,000 Nft - Will be launched within a Month.

75% - I will start fulfilling the dreams of the children of the orphanage - I Have something for Little Creators Like Me !

90% - I am also an Orphan. I also have a Dream - Buy Laptop - I have completed this project in a cybercafe.

100% - Start Working on Third and Biggest Project - Wait and Watch - Something big is coming.


Have you ever visited an orphanage? I know that 95% of you people have never even seen it. Meeting orphans is a far cry. I am an orphan and I know how sad it is to be an orphan. I know 95% of people will ignore this project. Because they don't care. But even if 5% of the people participate in this project, you are helping thousands of orphan children knowingly or unknowingly. If 100k people know about this project, then only 1k people will understand the pain of orphan children and become a part of the community.
For now, I have selected 4 orphanages. 95% of the profit of this project will be donated to the orphanages, I will go and bring the things that the children want, and I want to give them all the comforts necessary for their lives. I kept thinking more about the project. I am handling all the work of this project alone.

One day I was in the hospital. I had a high fever, my health was very bad and there was a boy of my age on the bed right in front of me. He also had a slight fever. His parents were taking care of him day and night. His mother was feeding him and his father woke up the whole night and talked with him. The next morning, he was fine. I was crying on the front bed... why is nobody with us? Where are my parents? No one loves us. No one feeds food with love? What have we done wrong? Why has God sent us here? When you cry.. your parents wipe your tears, while when we cry, no one is there to wipe the tears. If you need something, your parents give it. And we only have dreams which never come true. If you get hurt, then your parents give you medicine and take care of you day and night, whereas we have no one in this world. All of you go for a walk, study in an expensive school, live in big houses, eat good food, buy expensive clothes, whereas nothing happens in our luck. But now I feel that God has sent me here for orphans like me. That's why I made this project.

This is our story, I hope that you guys will understand us and help in making the project successful. May God keep your parents safe and give you all the happiness in the world.

This project is designed to help Orphans like me 🙂

For more information visit our website 🙂

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