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About Machiavellic

About the project

Machiavellic is a next generation nft-driven play and earn dungeon crawler mmo, designed to solve two major problems in the gaming industry:

1. A game that doesn't rely on the growing trend of predatory gacha/loot box mechanics, or aggressive microtransactions encouraging irresponsible whaling behavior.

2. A bridge for web2 gamers to the web3 community by abstracting the blockchain tech that powers web3, allowing non-crypto gamers to seamlessly participate in the game.

These two pillars are ultimately what will allow machiavellic to succeed. Many people don't believe that blockchain or crypto is useful in gaming, and that it is a solution looking for a problem. But machiavellic is a stark example of a game that leverages blockchain tech in a way that is critical for the game to exist.

Here’s a quick example:

When the game first starts up, you and a small team of friends are the first ever to defeat a major raid boss. The gear that you are wearing at that moment, is now immortalized on the blockchain. If ever you should sell the item, your username is affixed to this unique nft gear. It is forever known as the gear used to beat that raid boss for the first time and becomes part of the game's culture and history.

While you could argue that you can do this in games now, when the game eventually shuts down, that history is lost with it. But once something is on the blockchain it outlives the project and exists with the gamers so long as they will have them.

About the nft drop

An og nft is a unique piece of our project's history that we will never mint again. It will have both an ingame utility as well as external rewards attached to it. 

There will be 5 tiers of the nft. Each seed investor may purchase one of each at most.  

Amount of nfts available
Bronze og - 200 ada - 100 nfts
Silver og - 350 ada - 60 nfts
Gold og - 500 ada - 40 nfts
Platinum og - 1000 ada - 20 nfts
Diamond og - 2000 ada - 10 nfts

Not only will you be getting a big chunk of our governance token at the cheapest we will ever sell them, but there are several ingame as well as external benefits that no other nft we mint will reward the buyer.

1. All og nfts will reward the og flair on discord as well, with the grade chosen. If you choose multiple nfts you are awarded the highest tier flair. At the moment, anyone who whitelists will be rewarded a standard og flair.

2. Og holders will have early access to all future nft sales, including the first major nft sale the character nft sale.

3. All og nfts are royalty free. You are free to sell or trade them without incurring any royalty fees as many nfts do. 

4. All nft holders can play the game and will receive unique skins that are visual only and will not affect the stats of the item, so the resale value of this og nft will not be hampered by it negatively affecting the gaming experience

5. All og holders will have an og star in world chat corresponding to the og level they bought in at. If you have multiple the highest og level is displayed.

6. There will be a bonus for the amount of mach you receive when staking with a partnered pool. This is not a boost in every interaction with mach, and is reserved exclusively for staking purposes.

Join our discord for wl and further details


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