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Lonely Loners

This project was set up with the idea of making a contribution to nature and serious climate change. Our team wants to feel deeply involved in the issues and are fully committed to changing them. Together with the necessary experience in the 'space' of non fungible tokens and an interest in web3, we ended up setting up Lonely Loners.

The most important element of our project is our treasure map. Our basic treasure map goes into detail about our vision and details the steps we are taking to actually make a difference in saving nature. In this treasure map, the community is taken through all the steps we take, from choosing donation organizations and charities to organizing exhibitions abroad to experience the experience for yourself.

In addition, we have created a holders treasure map especially for holders. We do this because an NFT must also provide real value and be interesting for the buyer/investor. In this way real utilities are connected and the demand and therefore price will increase as well.

Read the 2 treasure maps below.

Treasure map


Since our roadmap is largely focused on making the world a better livable place with a longer-term vision, our community is of great importance. We need your support and confidence in the project to make all our plans a success. We are community driven and therefore always listen to the opinion of the community and will apply this where possible. We know better than anyone that the community is THE success of a project and for that reason we want to put our full trust in you.

In our treasure map, we will take you through all the steps that will be taken to clarify the process and show that we will actually plant the trees. This is going to be an incredibly beautiful adventure and we can't wait to get started. It's a secret, but who knows, we may have another big surprise for the community in this adventure....


One of the first things to consider when creating a successful project is doing some extraordinary marketing. The purpose of this is to show the world what your goals and visions are with the project, create demand for the art and stand out from other projects.

Starting with launch. Our collection, consisting of 3500 Lonely Loners will be released when the community is ready. As a team, we will take important steps in advance that are necessary for a successful launch.


Our vision is to improve the world. Creating a better living environment for both people and animals is important to us. Unfortunately, we, the Lonely Loners team, cannot do this alone. 

One of our visions and goals is to bring people together and join forces to make the world a better place. We see more and more individuals in this world, but how beautiful would it be to have the forces of society reborn and to make this world a better place and living environment.

Physical world

To make the world a better place, we cannot dwell in the digital world, which feels safe to many. To engage in physical improvement, we must go out into the wide world and commit ourselves. For we, humanity, are ultimately the ones who can make real changes to our lovely planet.

For decades, the planet has been under threat from humanity and climate change and global warming as a result. Where this problem has been covered up for a very long time, changes are now underway and the light is starting to burn for some.

Our contribution is donating to charities that help to improve the climate, sowing tree seeds, and looking at the quality of existing trees to replace them when the soil is no longer good enough.

There are several organizations that are already working on this. We want the community to decide which organization we should work with, so that the majority agrees.

As soon as the Lonely Loners collection has been sold, we as a community and team can make this wonderful idea a reality.


There are several natural areas affected by mankind. A good example of this is the Amazon region. This threatens the animal species with dire consequences. 

In other tropical areas such as Mexico and Bali, many trees are also felled. We want to attend or even organize several exhibitions together with the community to make a change in this. Donate yourself. Plant yourself. This will be spread over different places in the world. 

With our love for nature and animals we want to save what can still be saved. But as said: We can't do this alone, not without our community! We're in this together, not alone.

Holders treasure map

In addition to our main treasure map, we want to release a treasure map purely for our holders and loyal community. this with the aim of making our collection attractive to investors. We will implement this immediately after launch, after a clean sell-out.

As an artwork holder it is important to be rewarded for your determination and loyalty. With this we keep the community and holder happy and your nft has an actual utility. We are very committed to our community and we certainly want to show this.

We have so far incorporated three steps into our roadmap to meet this commitment. We will differentiate ourselves from roadmaps of other projects by not having a time connection to certain steps. All our utilities are executed or rotated at the same time. Everything is made clear below.

 1. Volume Distribution

Assuming our collection is sold out and volume is turned up, we don't intend to put this turnover in our own pockets. to stab. 50% of the turned volume will be split into a 25% portion that will be paid out to holders and 25% to donations. These are also determined by the community. Every month we will post a pole in our socials with choices of where the money should be paid out. This is how we keep the community happy and we respond to the current problems around the world.

2. Fashion Brand

Holders of our collection will get access to exclusive airdrops of our clothing line. These designs have yet to be made. The clothing line will mainly focus on custom design shoes and occasionally a limited edition from bags to other clothing items. Obviously we will have several designs made and let the community decide which one it will eventually be. This clothing line will be airdropped to the holders from time to time. It is a condition that the nft must have been held for at least 2 weeks in order to participate.

3. Personal Seeds

Of course we as a team and project are very focused on planting trees in the future. This is a great experience for us and that is why we would like to share this experience with you. Each holder gets access to a private channel in which we raffle personal seeds every now and then. This will be completely uniquely designed and arrive as a package at a location of the holder's choice.

We unite, we create.

Here some FAQ

Which blockchain – Solana

Mint date – July 27th

Supply – 3500

Mint price – between 1.0 and 1.5 

Where will the launch take place – Magic eden? If not it will probably be solport. 

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