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About Legion of Animals

A new outstanding project is ready to launch on Monday 5th June 2023: it is called Legion of Animals. Composed by 3162 hand-drawn NFTs, the collection is insiprated by some of the strongest (but at the same time weakest) animals all over the world. Every animal has its own characteristics and statistics that will have an important role in the future card game.

As a matter of fact, after the release of the collection in the first phase, there will be a LoA’s card game that will give the player the opportunity to use their NFTs to win battles, earn points and access to incredible prizes.

One of the main goals of LoA project is to empower its community in many ways. First, fans and NFTs owners can take part to LoA decision making and have an important role about the collection and game’s future.

Community members can be granted an exclusive and prioritized access to future giveaways or to future cards that can be used inside the game.

Furthermore, just like every NFT project, if this idea will succeed, the NFT will increase of value and can be exchanged onto the main marketplaces.



These are the protagonists of our project:

TARDIGRADE - Tardigrade is a real superhero among every living being. As small as indestructible, tardigrade can resist in extreme environments. In LoA you can find a thousand species, all defined by unique offensive and defensive characteristics to surprise their opponents.

POLAR BEAR - Polar bears are the largest bears in the world and the Arctic’s top predator. WWF estimates only around 22.000-31.000 polar bears in the world and their life is threatened by global warming that is reducing their natural habitat. In LoA world polar bears are considered one of the most aggressive animals.

NORTHERN WHITE RHINO - The white rhino species is considered “near threatened” by the WWF. They were thought to be extinct in the late 19th century due to decades of hunting for their horn, but in 1895 a small population of fewer than 100 individuals was discovered in South Africa. Since then African authorities began a protection program and now there are around 18.000 examples. In LoA, N.W. Rhinos are amongst the strongest animals!

SWIFT FOX - The swift fox is the smallest of the wild dogs living in North America. According to WWF, this is a very endangered species as naturalists think there are currently only 350 individuals. Many of them seem to be located in Southeast Alberta and Southwest Saskatchewan.

Swift foxes in LoA are among the smartest and fastest animals, but they are also fragile and extremely vulnerable to bigger predators.

VAQUITA - Vaquita is the world’s rarest marine mammal and it is considered to be on the edge of extinction. As of 2021, WWF believes there are only 10-12 individuals left, all located in a small area of the Cortez Sea between California and Mexico. LoA, vaquitas are the rarest animal of all: an incredible opportunity for collectors from every part of the world.

And…we don’t want to reveal our last animal. At least, not yet. But we can assure you it is a very legendary and unique figure.



Our team is composed of many different highly specialized professionals. Each one has a specific nickname and role inside the organization. 

DarthLoA – Co-founder – Mobile & Blockchain developer

KobraStyleLoA – Co-founder – Social media manager

MindFoxLoA – Co-founder - Senior cybersecurity engineer and Blockchain developer

LobsterLoA –Artist and illustrator

BugFinderLoA – Senior game developer

ExtinctionLoA – Financial advisor



Legion of Animals is a long-term project divided in three phases.

  1. First, our staff will create the full collection with attributes and relative stats for the future card game. In this phase, we will tease some of the NFT and the attributes with posts on our social network in order to get a first response from our community. 
  2. The second phase will be focused on community growth. Once the collection is launched, we will elaborate editorial plans for Instagram and Twitter accounts and we will intensify our activity on Discord. The goal is to get our fans hyped for the collection and to gather suggestions and opinions about the project and its future card game evolution.
  3. Once the full collection will be sold, we will present the game platform. Further information will be released in the next months, but we can anticipate that the card game will provide 1vs1 and team vs team lobbies, progressive update and purchasable content for the NFT cards.


Legion of Animals’ project is currently in the second phase. We have already revealed the 5 animals that will be the main characters for the collection and we have already shown some NFT previews.

Right before the official launch, there will be a free giveaway for some Legion of Animals’ NFTs. Further information about how to participate will be released on our official website and social networks.

Next there will be a pre-sale phase where 100 NFTs will be available to mint on our website at a discounted price. There won’t be any whitelist. 


Finally, during the launch day on 5th June 2023, users will have the chance to mint our NFT at the floor price (yet to be announced). As soon as the collection is sold out, we will send the application form to list Legion of Animals’ collection on a secondary marketplace. Our staff’s preference is on Magic Eden, but the final decision will be made by our community after a poll on our Discord channel.

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