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About Kiwi Club NFT

Kiwi Club NFT

Hey everyone! We're so excited to introduce the Kiwi Club NFT - a club for all things art, metaverse, and NFT, plus some real-life stuff too! Whether you're a creator, collector, investor, or just want to explore more about the world of NFTs, this is the place for you. Our goal is to have fun, learn more about the industry, and connect with other like-minded individuals. We're excited to have you join us!

Collection Description

Kiwi Club NFT is a collection of 10,000 exclusive and unique PFPs, all with varying levels of rarity. These PFPs serve as private membership cards to the club, unlocking exclusive benefits and rewards.

Every club card comes with member-only perks including digital media rights, multiple NFTs and virtual land in the metaverse.
Kiwi is a club for art, metaverse and NFTs (+some IRL stuff). A gateway to NFT art, 3D collectibles, metaverse property and whole lot more!

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become top club for NFT art, digital collectibles and metaverse land. A place where anyone can learn and experience the benefits of new frontiers in art, metaverse and NFTs in a friendly, ask-anything environment, with personal onboarding help.

Our mission is to bring new opportunities in NFTs and metaverse land to the masses. We are committed to creating a safe environment for beginners to experience the new opportunities in art, metaverse and NFTs.

Our goal is to offer an easy, low-cost entry point to a club with a high-value roadmap. A place to have fun, learn, and earn.

Member Benefits
• Take part in building a new kind of metaverse brand
• VIP access and perks to future drops and collabs
• New collections, 3D avatars, collectibles, and metaverse wearables
• Metaverse property, virtual plots/fractional NFTs and DAO
• Virtual NFT art gallery perks and VIP events
• NFT-IRL art projects and community collaborations
• IRL NFT studio art gallery and event area (visionary goal)
• NFT farming pilot project with member rewards
• IRL carbon offsets (green pilot project)
• IRL land FNFT cross over (visionary goal)

Our Roadmap
• Kiwi Club is a place to have fun and experience new frontiers in digital art, the metaverse and NFTs.
• Kiwi Studios is a home for dreamers and creatives, where there is lots of room to create and collaborate on new inspiring characters, stories, and NFT collections.
• Kiwi NFT Art Gallery is a member-only perks in a physical-digital NFT art gallery. Browse or show off your own creations.
• Kiwi Labs is where we design next-gen NFT collections that have innovative use-cases for the web3 world and capture the spirit of the Kiwi brand, such as 3D avatars, metaverse collectibles/wearables, DNFTs/FNFTs and more.
• Kiwi Farms is a unique space for metaverse land, NFT farming, and cross-over project initiatives where virtual land converges with the physical world.
• Kiwi Land DAO - NFT farming and virtual plots in the metaverse. There are some very cool developments happening.

Roadmap Activations
• 10% - THANK YOU - Merch Prizes, Trading Cards
• 25% - KIWI CLUB - Milestone Party, Metaverse World
• 50% - KIWI STUDIOS - NFT Art Gallery, Digital Rights
• 75% - KIWI LABS - 3D Avatar, Metaverse Wearables
• 100% - KIWI FARMS - Kiwi Land DAO, NFT-IRL Farm
• 110% - KIWIFEST - Prizes & Surprises, Thank You Party
• IRL - BEYOND VIRTUAL - IRL Club Events, IRL Studio Gallery
• NEXT - JUST THE START - Brave New World, Enter The Kiwiverse!

Collection Specs
• Name: Kiwi Club NFT
• Blockchain: Polygon
• Token: ERC-721
• Total Collection: 10,000
• Marketplace: OpenSea
• Price: 0.03 ETH
• Drop: JAN 26th 2023

Why join Kiwi Club NFT?
• To help build a valuable community
• To belong to a members-only club
• To collect and appreciate digital art
• To enjoy creative spaces and collaborations
• For artist and non-artist monetization


Many people still don't understand Web3 basics or how to safely purchase an NFT. The crypto onboarding process can seem complicated at first, simple errors cost money, and there are a lot of scams. In addition, metaverse property can be a very expensive investment and is often out of reach for individuals to purchase on their own.

Kiwi Club NFT offers a simple low-cost entry point to NFT art, collectibles and metaverse property in a friendly and helpful environment.
Art, blockchain, defi, metaverse, NFTs & IRL all wrapped in one. Now is the perfect time to get involved with NFT art and metaverse property. Come join us and help build the Kiwiverse!

Early birds reap the rewards…

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