Elon Musk Fan Club (#EMFC) NFTs - Drop 1 of 110 out of 3960 #EMFC NFTs

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About Elon Musk Fan Club (#EMFC) NFTs - Drop 1 of 110 out of 3960 #EMFC NFTs

Elon Musk Fan Club (#EMFC) is a community based project by Kuberra_Art, created by his fans, for his fans. It is a collection of 3960 unique, generative art collectible #NFTs of #ElonMusk portraits. Every digitally created #EFMC #NFT is an authentic and truly unique digital creation and permanently recorded on one of the most eco-friendly Polygon blockchain technology (Zero gas fees). Even if the digital creation is copied, it won't be the authentic and original. More information about the project including the benefits / value it offers to its club members and list prices of different Drops / batches is available on Elon Musk Fan Club NFTs project website This project is not affiliated to Elon Musk or any of his businesses. 10% of all primary sales will be donated to internationally recognised organisation/s working in the area of combating climate change and food poverty. As an exclusive member of this club, you are not only buying a piece of art but also joining this exclusive club and becoming part of this amazing community who are not only his fans but also committed to his cause of combating climate change and food poverty. You are gaining access to an exclusive club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. We are confident that this project will bring together a wonderful global community of Musk fans, who will work together on much more and bigger projects of utility & social causes. ????Drop 1 of 110 #EMFC NFTs (out of a total of 3960 #EMFC NFTs) will start at 11 am London UK time on 20th February 2022. Anyone participating (buying) in Drop 1 (first batch) will have following advantages. You don't want to miss this drop for following reasons: ????1. Drop 1 buyers benefit from lowest list price of 0.03 ETH (list price in Drop 7 will be 0.12 ETH - 300% more than the list price in Drop 1); Drop 1: 110 #EMFC NFTs: List Price: 0.030 ETH (Zero gas fee) Drop 2: 550 #EMFC NFTs: List Price: 0.040 ETH (Zero gas fee) Drop 3: 660 #EMFC NFTs: List Price: 0.050 ETH (Zero gas fee) Drop 4: 660 #EMFC NFTs: List Price: 0.060 ETH (Zero gas fee) Drop 5: 660 #EMFC NFTs: List Price: 0.080 ETH (Zero gas fee) Drop 6: 660 #EMFC NFTs: List Price: 0.100 ETH (Zero gas fee) Drop 7: 660 #EMFC NFTs: List Price: 0.120 ETH (Zero gas fee) ????2. Drop 1 buyers will get a FREE limited edition, exclusive Elon Musk inspired NFT ????(out side of the #EMFC NFT collection); ????3. Since this is the first & the lowest priced drop, each one of you have the opportunity to buy as many #EMFC NFTs as possible to become eligible for the one of the only 3 #EMFC NFTs with "Heavenly Traits". A minimum of 10, 20 & 30 #EMFC NFTs should have been purchased under one wallet address during the primary sale (not resale) of any of the drops to qualify for Bronze, Silver & Gold level #EMFC NFT with "Heavenly Trait" respectively; ????4. 10% (66) of primary buyers of #EMFC NFTs from Drop 1 (110) & Drop 2 (550) will be eligible for a FREE random ????#NFTGiveaway of one #EMFC NFT each from Drop 3. You can follow us here: Kuberra_Art Twitter Kuberra_Art Instagram Kuberra_Art Discord Kuberra_Art Facebook Kuberra_Art Medium Elon Musk Fan Club NFTs project group on Facebook Elon Musk Fan Club NFTs Instagram Elon Musk Fan Club NFTs Discord Thank you for your kind attention and time! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #nftbuyer #nftbuyers #nftinvestor #nftinvestors #nftinvestment #elonmusk #elonmuskfan #elonmuskfanclub #spacex #tesla #crypto #nftdrop #nftairdrop #nftgiveaway #nftart #nftartgallery #opensea #polygonnft #polygonnfts #rarible #nftcollector #nftcollectors #nftworkshop #nftforbeginners #nftcommunity #nftamerica #nftjapan #nftindia #nftchina #nfteurope #bayc #decentraland #bitcoin #eth #etherium #matic #polygon #superrare #voice #opensea #openseanfts #freenft #freenfts #nftinvestorsonly #nftlaunch #launchpads #nftproject

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