Cute Dumb Orcs

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About Cute Dumb Orcs

A collection of 1313 NFTs connected to The Horde Newsletter, a free newsletter aimed at educating and passing on rich content information to the community, as well as a closed lounge for holders and a treasury wallet. The project has a launchpad for community projects and tooling, the launchpad is voted on by sword holders and presented to the ORCS for evaluation.

What is the use of NFTs? You can check the utility of SWORDS and ORCS at

What is the newsletter for? The newsletter is an open platform for writers and community members to pass on rich content involving NFTs at Cardano, it's free and you can receive it in your email by subscribing here:

Why educate? It is important to note that at the moment we are heading towards a year and a half of NFTs at cardano, even with this time, most people who are in the community do not have a general knowledge about how the market works, what the creators are like and what the risks are Educating is important so that when YOU enter a project, you don't have problems with a very large group of newbies listing their "investment" with prices below mint, or, passing on incorrect information in the community, that way everyone wins.

How does launchpad work? Information will be available soon at our website, a TL DR; you can submit proposals as a OG, and vote for proposals. launchpad projects gets full support building the project and fees of the work goes to the treasury wallet

What is the treasury wallet? It is a public wallet that will be in charge of maintaining the project and paying the community team, the treasury will be used to invest in interesting projects that can somehow generate income for the treasury wallet, in addition to bluechip NFTs, with the treasury wallet it will be possible to create, in the long term, a self-sustaining project that does not depend on future sales to survive.

What is treasury wallet address? $cutedumborcs

The closed discord is an alpha group? No, but we will give insights into the quality of new projects, business models, information from minting, team, and evaluation of what the project proposes through an official wireframe (an evaluation template), and a community one. There's no pump / dump or alpha call, only in-depth research

How can I win a sword? It is no longer possible to earn swords, they are only available here:

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