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About Crypto Tycoon Whitelist Giveaway Raffle

Crypto Tycoon is a play-to-earn social boardgame using NFT properties as in-game collectible “boardgame” tokens to a live game of “Monopoly” on the Ethereum blockchain network. Blockchain boardgames fuse web3 social clubs and boardgames to the next level by using collectible NFTs embedded on the blockchain to verify ownership and generate utility through our decentralized treasury system.

When you buy your CryptoTown Passport (by mint or trade), you’re part owner of a web3 boardgame club and derive utility through our treasury and social gameplay.

CryptoTown board has a fixed supply of 1000 genesis 3D voxel properties and 20 neighborhood sets. Every CryptoTown NFT property token holds different levels of rarity including 100 unique monuments in the collection and will never have more spaces added to keep the game-board fair, consistent, and permanent. A monopoly represents the ultimate win and results in a massive payout. Every trade from the NFT collection directly funds the CryptoTown Community Treasury. Strictly player-owned and player-governed.

CryptoTown Events are planned each week. Each property unlocks the play-to-earn opportunity to be included in chance events across CryptoTown. Every week random neighborhood holders are airdropped relief when crisis hits your corner! We have over 100+ airdrop community chance events planned for people to earn money with their properties while collecting for even bigger rewards in our version 1.0 economy. Utility will be upgraded in our treasury token expansion, NFT properties will earn players a passive token yield in version 2.0.

Our vision is to create a fully decentralized play-to-earn boardgame platform built on the blockchain for players to connect with in the next-gen metaverse. Your property collection unlocks our play-to-earn ecosystem while the CryptoTown Passport is your membership to owning a web3 boardgame club with the community. We value shared experiences and competition.

Mint Price: 0.10ETH for the first 50% of mint then, 0.15ETH for the last 50% of mint supply.

Crypto Tycoon Earning Channels:

-Trading towards a neighborhood monopoly; becoming a Crypto Tycoon
– In-game chance events known as CryptoTown Events
– Launching of our Crypto Tycoon DAO and rent system – stay tuned to learn more in version 2.0

The Crypto Tycoon social game is not just another point and click play-to-earn game; it’s a way to experience trading and community unlike ever before in the NFT industry.

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