Crypto Homies Club Drop

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About Crypto Homies Club Drop

As an established and nostalgic collectible brand for more than 25 years, HOMIES has a built-in audience of passionate collectors who serve as the foundation of the CRYPTO HOMIES CLUB.

Together with HOMIEKING and artist David Gonzales, we bring you CRYPTO HOMIES Series 1 featuring the OG six HOMIES figures: Droopy, Eightball, Mr. Raza, Smiley, Big Loco, and Sapo. CRYPTO HOMIES are collectible NFTs, granting holders unique benefits and exclusive access to IRL and Metaverse events and collaborations.

CRYPTO HOMIES Series 1: Genesis Collection

CRYPTO HOMIES are interactive 3D digital collectible NFTs.

Series 1 will include RARE Genesis NFTs and COMMON Collectors NFTs.

ALL Series 1 NFTs holders will be invited to join the Crypto Homies Club granting unique benefits and utility.

Genesis NFTs holders get an NFT signed by artist David Gonzales, embedded with an original song, granting the highest level of Crypto Homies Club membership including, two FREE mints for future CRYPTO HOMIES Sets, as well as VIP access, voting power, and other exclusive opportunities.

Building the community, FOR HOMIES BY HOMIES.

Stage 1
(The Launch)
Presale and public sale to take place at the end of February 2022.

Stage 2
(Social impact)
Donation to Homeboy Industries, the largest gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world that provides training and support for formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated people.

Stage 3
(Rewards and Giveaways)
Reward the community and holders with contests and giveaways that include free NFTs, physical items, and more. Lucky holders of gold and silver legendary crypto homies will receive unique rewards.

Stage 4
(Merch Store)
Exclusive limited-edition crypto homie branded merch including custom apparel and digital wearables.

Stage 5
(Augmented Reality App)
Holders receive access to the CRYPTO HOMIES CLUB augmented reality (AR) app, allowing them the ability to interact with their HOMIES anywhere at any time.

Stage 6
(Series 2 Announcement)
Reveal the six CRYPTO HOMIES Series 2 characters and open voting for Genesis holders to pick two additional Series 2 characters.

Stage 7
(Series 2 Launch)
Release eight Series 2 CRYPTO HOMIES, including the two fan favorites selected by Genesis holders. Genesis holders will also receive one FREE mint.

Stage 8
(The HOMIEverse)
Inspired for and by lowrider culture, expect a HOMIES paradise with digital wearables, vehicles, activities, events, and more, all in the metaverse. Concurrently, launch real-life events with exciting partnerships and collaborations.

Stage 9
The CRYPTO HOMIES Series 3 characters will be revealed, Genesis holders will vote for two additional Series 3 characters. Genesis holders will also receive one FREE mint. MORE TO COME IN THE FUTURE AS WE ROLL OUT ALL 13 SERIES.

Dates: 2/24 to 3/24

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