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About Bumbling Bees Release Date

With the ever growing threat of extinction looming over them, one brave beehive made a decision to leave behind the real world and live on the Ethereum Blockchain instead! Curiously, the blockchainifying procedure the bees undertook has created 10,000 bees – each with unique characteristics and traits that have never been seen before in nature! On March 2nd, the first 2,500 Bumbling Bees will be available for minting directly from our website – for the low price of 0.02eth per bee.

This release will be entirely CARBON NEGATIVE – meaning that buying a Bumbling Bee will actually help real life bees instead of hurting them!

Bumbling Bees doesn’t end with just a profile picture! Work is already underway on the development of a Pokemon style battle game in which you use your Bumbling Bee to fight others! Each bees unique traits will determine their movesets so minting multiple different bees to build your hive is an excellent tactical move!

We’ve all experienced waiting for a reveal of your new shiny NFTs only to be disappointed with the reveal. Bumbling Bees want everybody to match up with their ideal bee – so for the this first drop only we will introduce a Re-Roll function for holders. This will allow anyone who holds a bee to remint their Bee for another one for free! All you have to pay is the gas fee.

As advertised on twitter and Instagram already, work is already underway on the projects first airdrop for holders. That means that for the low price of 0.02eth you will receive:

  1. 1 excellent Bumbling Bee NFT with the ability to change this if you find another bee suits your vibe better.
  2. 1 cool future airdropped NFT
  3. 1 NFT game with future plans to be P2E
  4. Access to a great community going forward.

Come and join the hive today!

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