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About Anon Robin OG Pass

Find the best NFT projects & whitelists before the hype.
  • We summarize the best alpha from the most exclusive discords
  • Find great NFT deals with our deal sniper and rarity tool
  • Get early access to the best whitelist opportunities

Anon Robin is your all-in-one source for the most profitable alpha insights and access! We filter out the noise from the top, most exclusive NFT communities - and compile it all into short summaries delivered straight to your inbox, dashboard and discord. You will also benefit from unlimited access to our deal sniper and rarity checker extension. So that you can snipe the best deals before they even get listed on Opensea.

Get access to the most exclusive and early NFT Alpha & Whitelist Opportunities.

Benefit from exclusive insights previously only available to the most expensive NFT holders. Anon Robin is your eyes and ears inside the top NFT alpha communities.

We filter through the noise and deliver the best insights directly to your inbox, mobile & web dashboard.

Less time spent on Discord & Twitter, more time growing that portfolio.

We all know how cluttered and time wasting Discord can be.

Our writers spend their days browsing through the top paid discord communities filtering the best insights, alpha & whitelist opportunities so you don’t have to.

With Anon Robin, you quickly know what projects are being featured and in which communities.

Your Best Alpha Insights, Tailored to You. Every. Single. Day.

Receive daily summaries featuring the topics you’re interested in, filter through them to find what you’re looking for.

Quickly see what’s the utility, trend/meta, social engagement, art and much more of a specific project.

Search the communities we’re in for information on the project you’re researching.

Spot the best NFT deals and take action before anyone else.

Our deal snipper and rarity checker tools allow you to spot the most profitable deals and instantly act on them - even seconds before they get listed on Opensea.

Similar tools go for +1ETH prices, often with recurring subscriptions. Benefit from these tools forever, included with your Anon Robin pass.

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