Alpha Droids Launch

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About Alpha Droids Launch

What is Alpha Droids ?

Alpha Droids is a new NFT collection of 5,555 uniquely generated Metaverse characters tightly secured on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Alpha Droid will be 0.055 ETH to mint.

The project is backed by a community driven team who have banded together through a number of successful NFT projects.

Together they combine their aspirations to create the ultimate community focused NFT project, which will bring great benefits to it’s holders.

Welcome to our revised Roadmap for 2022!!- Project Launch

Collection Size: 5,555
Mint Price: 0.055ETH
Launch Date: Early Q1 2022

Roadmap Milestones︱

:diamond~1: 10% Hype party in the Discord + 1x Alpha Droid NFT giveaway

:diamond~1: 25% – Begin giveaway prize shopping

:diamond~1: 50% – Random Airdrop of 5x Alpha Droid NFT’s to our holders and run our first NFT giveaway event

:diamond~1: 75% – Launch Alpha Droids custom merch, Plus 5x more Alpha Droid NFT’s randomly airdropped to our holders.

:diamond~1: 100% – Purchase remaining NFT giveaway prizes. Commence sell out phase.

Sell out phase

Run our exclusive NFT giveaways for our holders – we will have a total 70eth to spend on some truly great prizes.
(1x Alpha Droids NFT = 1x Raffle Ticket) Therefore the more Alpha Droids you hold, the more chance you have for winning!

Airdrop Alpha Droids VX avatars to all holders (TBC)

After purchasing giveaway prizes, 30ETH will still be available within our community wallet. This will fund roadmap 2.0 and our expansion into the Metaverse (Sandbox land, development of our environment and P2E game – Subject to change)

Alpha Droids Future

Our long term focus is to build Alpha Droids as brand within the Metaverse.
At time of writing, our intentions are to expand and build within Sandbox.
We plan on building a number of attractive and well situated Sandbox environments along with a variety of unique VX content. This will bring opportunities for our members to gain VX content, which can be traded for $SAND within the Sandbox marketplace.

Our holders will also have access to Play2Earn within Sandbox, whereby they can win more $SAND.
$SAND can also be staked, to earn even more $SAND!
Full details on our Metaverse expansion will follow post sell out.

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