AFTERPARTY 2022 – Las Vegas

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About AFTERPARTY 2022 – Las Vegas

Afterparty is a community, pushing the limits of technology, as well as art and human connection. NFTs provide an “all-access” pass to the First Annual Afterparty NFT Art and Musical Festival. It is celebrating live the NFT art movement with an immersive experiences Festival produced in partnership with Life is Beautiful and Kaaboo executives. NFT art creative directed by NFT artists Nate Mohler and Alec Maassen Sia, Jaden Hossler, Nadya Tolokno, and Paul Klein. They are among the first creators to live-mint “all-access” NFTs, available now and selling out soon.

Afterparty Utopian NFT – All Access Pass 2022
Image Credit: Afterparty
Where and When

Afterparty is the World’s First NFT-Gated Art and Music Festival at AREA15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is running from March 18-19, 2022. The Afterparty NFT Art and Musical Festival will bring together NFT artists, musicians, as well as creators and collectors at the leading edge of Web3. This is for a live experience focused entirely on the NFT art movement. Additionally, the festival lineup will be announced in the coming weeks. Building on Afterparty’s founding vision to empower creators with the tools and community to realize their Web3 potential, the festival takes token-gated experiences from the metaverse to real-life. Produced in partnership with former Life is Beautiful partner, Ryan Doherty, and former Kaaboo senior executive, Chris Racan, with leading NFT artists, Nate Mohler and Alec Maassen, as creative directors, this will be the first festival in history where there are no tickets – NFTs unlock access.

Afterparty Registration Details

The All-Access NFT Collection gives NFT holders artist-level access to the festival. The collection’s 1,500 NFTs are completely unique, exclusively minted in real life, and live on the Ethereum blockchain forever. They also serve as a “membership” for the Afterparty universe, which includes collaborations and community events at the Hollywood Hills Afterparty House and pop-up experiences at some of the biggest worldwide art and NFT gatherings like Art Basel.

Location: AREA15, Las Vegas, Nevada
Number of Attendees: 1500
Ticket Prices: 8+ ETH
Participants, Speakers, Panelists: Global musicians such as Sia, Jaden Hossler and many others.

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