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Last Update: July 14 2024
Our NFT Calendar shows you only the best upcoming NFT Art. Every project on NFTiming payed for the listing. That allows us to only publish the best and most serious projects for you. You have the possibility to filter for your matching NFTs. To do this, please first set the desired date and then further filters such as the desired blockchain. It is also possible to search for specific NFT projects. The sorting of our NFTs Minting Calendar is set according to the launch date.


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NFTs Minting Calendar

In this guide you will get more information about our NFT Calendar. We will introduce you to the different features so that you can find the right NFTs drops and mints for you.

What is a NFT Calendar?

An NFT Calendar shows you all upcoming NFT projects. Many visitors use our NFT Calendar to become aware of NFTs at an early stage. Depending on the project, users in the early stages of the NFT have the opportunity to run their own mints. This is usually the cheapest way to get the NFT and trade it for a profit. So it pays to be early.

How to use

Our NFT Calendar has much more functions than a normal calendar. Besides the date, other filters like the blockchain, the NFT category or direct searches can be applied. We recommend you to enter a date range first. It is important that not only single dates can be entered, but several days at a time. Depending on how large your range of dates is, you should set another filter to reduce your selection. For example, you can choose a blockchain or NFT category. If you are looking for a specific project, you can also use the search function directly.
If you are unsure which NFT is the right one for you, you can take a look at our Top NFT Lists in the further course of your research. Here, users can comment on individual NFT projects and also rate them.

Question and Answers about the NFT Minting Calendar

Here we answer the most important questions about the NFT Calendar. These questions and answers should serve as a knowledge base around the functions of our NFT Calendar. If something is still unclear, feel free to contact us.
How do I find upcoming NFT?
New NFTs are launched every day. Use our NFT Calendar to see all newly launched NFT projects. You can also check out our Top Upcoming NFTs overview to find the right NFT for you.
How can you tell good NFT?
This question is difficult to answer. It always depends on the intention with which you want to buy an NFT. Many see NFTs as an investment opportunity, others as an art object. In our top NFT overview you can rate and comment NFTs yourself, but also see the rating and comments of other users. This way you can see which NFT is especially hyped. Also numbers like Twitter followers or Discord users give information about the popularity of a NFT project.
Where can I get new NFTs?
You can find all newly launched NFT projects in our NFT Calendar. In order not to lose the overview, you can apply various filters and searches in the calendar. If you need more information about a NFT, you can click on it to get to the project page.

Contents of our NFT Calendars

The content of our NFT Calendar can be typologized into different categories. On the one hand, there is the possibility to sort the NFT projects according to the blockchain used. At the moment the following blockchain technologies are supported in the NFT Calendar.
Blockchains included by the NFT Calendar:
Furthermore, the content of the NFT Calendar can be distinguished by the project categories. The following NFT categories are available for selection:
Stocking / Farming

NFT Calendar Discord Bot

NFTiming is constantly trying to evolve. One of the things on our roadmap is the development of a Discord Bot that automatically alerts on all upcoming NFTs. So far, we include the Discord project link in every NFT project submitted to us. In the future, users will be able to connect to our Discord server to be informed once a day about all upcoming NFT projects - a kind of NFT Calendar within our Discord Server. We are constantly working on the development of the Discord Bot and will inform you as soon as it is finished.
All NFTs in one Place.
NFTiming serves as a kind of overview for all existing but also still launching NFT projects.
Supported Blockchains
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