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Written by Neil Reily
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Today we can officially announce it. NFTiming enters into partnership with Kickerfy the NFT & Crypto Growth Hacking Agency. Together we offer project managers the opportunity to fully promote their NFT. In addition, all NFTiming visitors will receive a 10% discount on the entire Kickerfy offer with our discount code.

NFT Marketing Services

Kickerfy offers a platform that provides a wide range of marketing services, all of which are designed to help you generate more revenue for your project while simultaneously increasing its value and visibility. Experience has shown us  the way, having worked on a number of projects that were successful in selling out.

Paid Traffic and PR

Kickerfy implements the best and the most suitable tools to grow your publicity. Kickerfy PR is an excellent way to get attention, make news and generate publicity. It takes perception management to undergo digital transformation and what better way to do that than by publishing relevant articles on 30+ news sites, thereby building credibility and trust for your project.

Community Building & Management

Kickerfy is here to build an authentic and loyal community for your NFT project through various types of interaction. In order to be successful in the world of NFTs, it is essential to have a strong community. This involves continuous engagement with relevant stakeholders which require constant monitoring and building of rapport.

Community management is a challenge, it takes time, patience, practice and plenty of hours over social media to build a strong community. Kickerfy is offering plenty of such services with years of experience nurturing online communities and NFT projects, adding value to your community, so they remain engaged with your art!

Full service
With Kickerfy it is possible to get a full marketing team, handling everything from advertising, content creation, legal services to influencer marketing.

Kickerfy - Taking your NFTs to the next level

NFTs marketing is a tricky task, however with the right tactics and techniques, it can be as smooth and seamless like no other. Here are a few steps taken, check out the way they work, 

  1. Discuss your project with us

Before creating your marketing plan, Kickerfy understands your project and everything it has to offer. Further they discuss in detail what your NFT offers and help it stand out from others. 

  1. Create the marketing strategy

Once the discussion takes place, they make the plan based on analysis of the market and what’s trending. Kickerfy team selects the media platforms, chooses traffic resources and media planning. 

  1. Implement the plan

Kickerfy integrates and applies the marketing strategies, all the top-notch solutions, reporting tools and analytics in your project and helps it boost like no other. 

We offer fullblast marketing management from conception of your idea to the implementation of the program. Kickerfy is here to stay and to provide guidance and support all the way.

Offering Unique NFT Marketing Strategies

Kickerfy heavily focuses upon the digital marketing of your projects and driving NFT sales. In the world of digital art, it takes a team with insightful dynamic thinking to go beyond just the social media platforms, search engine optimization, email marketing, community building or PR.  We believe not all projects are the same. There is a personality to each project and though it is impersonal, each handling varies and must be catered to the needs of the client. Thus, we have a whole apparatus of proven and tested methodologies waiting to get your project out in the market. We must make informed and smart decisions that a Kickerfy strategy can provide  in order to achieve the desired results. 

In the saturated market, it’s high time to hit the right target audience that understands the value of your project.

Get 10% Discount on all Kickerfy Packages

Mention the code "NFTiming10" in the chat to receive the discount on Kickerfy's marketing services. The company will take care of the rest of the details. This offer is available to all visitors of NFTiming.

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